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Hello, today we will be reviewing a pretty good tube site, DrTuber! A website ready for you to recommend the same sort of porn you need. Since 2009, this site has been around putting out material, and they are one of the great hitters out there. Last month, almost 70 million opinions made them a power to be dealt with. I'd say that's very effective for a place that sounds like it's trying to recommend the right potato for your stew.

First impressions

While you can go and try to register to what they say is a "free account", it looks like that is not the case, as when you try to make one, it will ask you for your credit card number, so it does not land in the free account on my side. These kinds of things are very misleading and therefore I had to warn you about it.

Clean site design with tons of features

The page looks pretty sleek. Slightly different from the usual porn tube, it is laid out. You do have a wide page of sexy thumbnails full of them, but they're almost borderless. Without all the thick bevelled boxes you normally have, it really looks pretty fine. The web takes on a dark theme that I still love. Apart from the demos, on the left side of the page, there is an extended category tab that helps you to conveniently see what kind of content they have, but that little tab is just the most common thing. If you need any more sick crap to make your dick hard, they have a more comprehensive category tab. At first, the page sorts through the newest videos, but you have a lot of choices to customize your experience. By default, you can toggle the page to show "straight, gay, or transsexual" material. You can filter by "newest, longest, rating, amount of comments, or toggle to display only HD content once you decide on that The HD functions differently than you would usually imagine. I figured I would get options to adjust the video quality, but on certain videos, you can only turn HD on or off. I have no idea if that means 1080p or 720p, but at least it looks pretty fine.

Previews, video player and downloads

For once, previews are performed properly. When you hover your mouse over them, you receive entirely animated excerpts from each film. Before you click through, it also informs you things like video volume, HD or not, rating, and title. Let's dive straight into the videos themselves because here we have to cover a fucking lot. Within the video player, there are multiple choices. Other than just on or off, you can literally turn the audio volume here, which is a welcome treat. If you like it, rate the video, like it, import it, link to the uploader, comment on it or post the video. In fact, the files are free, and you do not need one of their "free accounts'' to download them. It doesn't take you to a sketchy download site off-site either. Only press download, wait for the ad to be played, and then download it to the content of your heart. Without any issues, the videos are streaming, and I just haven't seen too many advertisements here. Any time I clicked around, I expected pop-ups, but the only ones I saw were banners or short ones that played before the film. No pop-ups whatsoever!

Categories and the content

Before, I listed the detailed categories tab, but it has a few cool features worth talking about. There is a number in each category next to it that indicates how many videos are in that category. I didn't see every single one below 2 thousand, with the rest seeing a plus of over 200 thousand. Talk of a shit ton of stuff. Here you can also sort by straight, homosexual, and trans groups. Having a place that caters more of such kinky people as well is pretty cool. Preview photos for the groups are the only items lacking. As it is, it's just a genre chart. Here, I would like some graphics! Head over to the page for the networks and take a look. You can filter by popular porn studios and sites such as "JAVHD, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Cam4Free." At least, even though they are not the highest standard, there are sample images here. The JAVHD thumbnails reveal that some JAV slut gets a face, but with how bad the standard is it looks like it comes from a different dimension. Moving through one of the channels helps you to filter and scan that channel for content. Any time they upload new shit, you can also subscribe and get updated.

The community

Here the community page is very clear. It's just the Master Login Tab. To see what they have uploaded and to subscribe to their content, you can click on a user. First, is there a mobile page? I don't know why you'd like to turn on the desktop, but you can. However, I'll take this strange chance to chat about the mobile site. It's terrific. It's perfectly sized, and all the functionality of the site continues to function. You get more commercials, but no pop-ups or anything like that yet. Definitely, a favourite is the animated previews. I wish the feature had more pages. It makes it sound like a premium porn experience, honestly. I didn't get around to the top of their live sex page, which I really like. They have ties to some of the most popular sites for cams, but they still have their own collection of hot fucking cam girls.

The conclusion

Overall, for good cause, (often mispelled as "drtube") is one of the largest porn tubes out there. There's so much fucking stuff here, and all of it is free! As long as you resist their premium scam, I can recommend this place quickly. But the architecture of the site is fantastic, with hardly any advertising, and you don't have to spend a penny. Check out this place!

What We Like At Drtuber:
+ Millions of free videos
+ Responsive and easy to navigate
+ Active community
+ Free downloads
What We Don't Like At Drtuber:
- low quality thumbs in pornstar section
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