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What do you think about fake people? Who can love them, right? I personally hate everything fake, except big boobs on some cock hungry sluts! That's the fake I like! But, generally speaking, the world is going in the fake direction if I can say so, and everything around us can be labeled as fake! First of all, social networks! Everything is fake there, right! All that glamour backed up with absolutely nothing! Then, in the office, bar, movie theatre, every single place, you run into fake people all the time! Sorry, I got carried! Let's get back to the track! Yeah, we are speaking of something fake today, but don't worry, this is the best fake thing in the world! First of all, I want to warn you that the content of the following site is explicit and super hot! If you are a person with a weak heart or something like that, you should take caution! With no further ado, I present the best fake thing that has happened to this world on FakeHub! If you have, at least once, visited some of the tube sites, which is a logical choice for a regular porn user, you have came across scenes with Fakehub watermark! Before moving on with this review, I have to point out that FakeHub is one of the most popular paysites in the world, and if you want to find out more about it, follow me now!

Top class paysite!

FakeHub is a paysite, so cheapskates and freeloaders hold your ground, this is not for you. For those willing to fork over their hard-earned cash, your membership includes access to eleven different sites. And that's the best thing about the FakeHub! Why? Because we are speaking of sites such as FakeHub Originals, Fake Taxi, Public Agent, Fake Hostel, Fake Driving School, Female Fake Taxi, Fake Agent, Fake Hospital, Female Agent, Fake Agent UK, Fake Cop! Man, what a list! I have uploaded my nuts so many times on each of these sites, and I know you have done the same thing!

Absolutely worthy of a single dime!

If you visit this site, you will notice an ad at the bottom of the page. This ad says: "Get instant access to our full library" and it is essential if you want to feel the real excitement on FakeHub. When you click this ad, you will be led to the page with offers for your membership, and based on my experience, the best one is the long-term one! It will cost you more money then the others, but when you compare the duration, it is definitely the best! But, this is just my opinion, you can get enough of this shit in a month, so you don't have to buy the longest membership at all, it's up to you! I will do what's up to me and that's to present the offers, so here they are: you will choose between 2 days membership which costs 1 dollar per day. The next offer is monthly membership, 29,99 dollars for this one! Then, you have 3 months membership, which costs 59.99, but if you split that in months, you will see that it costs 19.99 dollars per month! The last, and the best if you ask me is 12 months membership. It costs 109,99 dollar, but split it in months and you will realize that the monthly price for this is only 10,99 dollars!

What you get when you buy membership!

Well, you get the full access to their library, just as it's written on the site! And man, that library is off the charts! But, I have to point out that there are really only a handful of setups for the movies on FakeHub. Each site focuses on one particular theme, shown in the site name, serving up an endless number of similar situations, with different actors of course. Someone could think the repetition would get boring, but in my case, it was totally opposite! I would say the content of FakeHub is something like these new TV shows, where you can not wait until the new episode goes live! It's the same here, you’ll want to catch every episode, just to see who shows up and what kind of nastiness they get into.

Let's say a few words about sites on FakeHub!

As you already realized, FakeHub represents a network of several sites, and each of them is focused on one specific reality theme! Maybe the most famous one is FakeTaxi! You have watched porn where a hot chick enters the cab and after some time, she found herself with a mouth full of drivers dick! Then, you have PublicAgent for example, where the dude is walking around with his cam and selling all the "I am a world famous casting agent, cooperate with me and you will have a great modeling career" stuff to sexy babes who gladly have sex with him! FakeAgent and FakeAgentUK are similar to PublicAgent, but I really like that British accent and the way British sluts are taking on stiff rods! It turns me on so much man, just hearing them saying Halo Mate! I will also mention FakeHospital, and everyone's fantasy number1! Who didn't dreamed about fucking a nurse of sexy female doctor! The rest of the sites are also great, I just pointed out my favourites!

Site design and mobile experience are exceptional!

Yeah, of course they are exceptional, these dudes are earning a big amount of money and they are aware of the fact that they have to invest in the infrastructure! Site design is user-friendly, everything is clear, easy to use, and you don't spend time on some shitty stuff here! When it comes to mobile experience, the integration on mobile devices is done flawlessly, and you will enjoy it a lot!

All in all, FakeHub is the best reality porn premium site in the world!

This is my opinion and it seems that many share it! Check this place today, spend some money and see what the real reality porn looks like!

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What We Like At Fakehub:
+ Premium paysite
+ Simple and clean design
+ Great video player
What We Don't Like At Fakehub:
- It's not free
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