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Hi there, my fellow porn lovers! Today, I have one interesting site to present to all of you, but before we get into it, I need to say a few words about the situation in the porn industry in general! So, the vast majority of us are watching the same porn over and over again! And I'm not talking about the same scene, but the same type of porn! Well, my dear friends, there is something really bad about that! Let me explain to you! So, if you start watching premium scenes, with superb sluts (big tits, hot bodies, pretty faces), in perfectly arranged sets and luxury places like mansions, apartments, and so on, you will slowly develop the state of mind where you think that the sex should be performed with babes such as these and in the places, such are these! And that's just wrong man! Ordinary people like as can not have sex with babes such as Nicole Aniston! We can, but on rare occasions and we should never aim to have sex only with girls like her and similar! So, what I want to say, to give you a piece of advice, stop watching only the best porn there is! That's bad for your sexual life! But wait, what else can we watch actually? Well, there is one niche in the porn industry that everyone can relate to! I'm talking about the Amateur porn action! And if you are into that, nice, if not, you should definitely start watching this, at least sometimes! And I just have a perfect place for you! It is called HotScope and it is just awesome! To find out more about that, stay with me, let's crack this place open! 

What can you find on HotScope:

You can find all kinds of amateur porn action! Literally, all kinds of action! Slutty amateur babes are posting their homemade clips, or boyfriends uploading their ex-girlfriends homemade material! That's in short lines, I will speak more of that later on! 

Site design and navigation are more than decent!

There are hundreds of amateur porn sites with layouts and navigations that are really terrible! But, that is not the case with that HotScope! These guys are presenting real amateur content using a perfect layout and site design! Totally dark background with perfectly placed thumbs gives these places a special flavor. There is a menu button in the header in the left-hand side corner, the site logo is placed in the middle of it, and the right-hand side corner is reserved for the search loop and profile buttons. Under the header, there is a note saying: "Watch for free sexy periscope & amateur porn the biggest selection of periscope live streams, hottest amateur porn and Snapchat videos only HotScope". under that, you will see recent uploads, live right now, trending periscope videos, trending Snapchat videos, and trending porn videos. 

Then, you will see the Recent Uploads section, which is something that separates HotScope from all other amateur sites! You will see such quality thumbs, pressing the babes and showing the number of likes and titles! I really liked the layout they used, this place looks so modern and cool, that you would definitely think that only HD and professional material can be found here! And man, it was about time for someone to make a decent amateur site! HotScope is actually a lot more than just a decent website, to be honest!

Also, there is a LiveNow section:

This is a part of the HotScope which is a totally new feature when it comes to all sites with amateur content! And this is a totally logical move, I mean, all these live cam shows are amateur, right? So, these guys have decided to mix these two and create their own live cam platform, where you can enjoy the hottest live amateur shows by beautiful babes! But, you have to be aware that this feature is a part of the site which is not free, and if you want to enjoy these live shows, you should pay some money! So, let's get back to free amateur action! I just wanted to let you know how well-organized and professional people are behind HotScope! 

Be aware of the ads!

Of course, the ads are here! This is a free site, so you have to understand that these guys have to make a living of it somehow, and the best way is to allow ads! But, there is nothing to be worried about, the ads are not terrible, you will be able to avoid them with only one click! What happens here is next: you click the thumb of the video you want to watch, that click opens two tabs, one is the ad tab and the other will show the video! So, only one click, and there you go! 


The list of categories is short but relevant!

I thought that an impressive site such as this one would have covered a wide range of categories. HotScope however only hosts a handful of them. They comprise; teens, leggings, bikini, shorts, skirts, skirts, blowjob, lesbian, blonde, ass, anal, Turkish, and Russian. If you ask me, this is more than enough, and the real amateur babes won't be doing anything apart from this so often, so everything is fine here!


Once again, watching professional, staged porn with the hottest babes in the industry can be harmful! To avoid that, you must mix it up with some amateur content, and when it comes to that, HotScope is one of the best sites I have ever seen! These guys got you covered for all your real girl's dreams and they do it in such a nice style! The site looks fresh and clean, and modern design and easy to use navigation will just make your stay more pleasant! The most important thing, they got a huge variety of amateur models! Check this place out and enjoy!

What We Like At Hotscope:
+ Free site
+ Easy navigation
+ Lots of Hd videos
What We Don't Like At Hotscope:
- Some adds
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