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Have you ever had a feeling that porn is too fake? I mean real porn, the hottest chicks, and the best studios kind! To me, that happened several times and each time, I found refuge in some other niche! The best niche to escape this kind of feeling is definitely amateur! At least, the best for me! So, let me tell you a short story before we move on with the review of this amazing place you're about to see! A few days ago, I watched some top-class porn action! Famous studio, a famous model with an amazing body, big tits, masterclass cock sucking skills, exclusive set, and stuff like that! I mean, that scene was awesome, no one can say otherwise, but at that moment, I felt odd! I thought, man, when will I be able to fuck a girl like this, in a house like this? Not a chance! And then, my horniness went away, my boner stood down, and waited for a better opportunity to spit his thing! So, I did what had to be done! I turned my porn pay site with a superb model off, and typed amateur porn in the google search bar! What came out as a result of that search was a breath of fresh air and I felt alive again! The site I visited that day is called HomeMoviesTube and it is a place where amateur porn lives! If you want to find out more about this site, read on, let's have a fun ride!

Professional site design for amateur movie clips:

This combination turns out to be an awesome one if you ask me! Even though HomeMoviesTube presents only amateur and homemade movies to us, the interface and site design is on a high level. Speaking of design, I really like the fact that these guys have only three colours on the entire site! It's white, some variations of blue, and some yellow details! It's simple and nice! And most important, it's really easy to use! I have always hated and avoided sites with so many colours and buttons because that's just time-consuming! Man, I'm here to have a decent fap! I'm not interested in your charade. So, HomeMoviesTube looks more than decent at the first sight!

Two main navigation bars are making this HomeMoviesTube a really functional place:

Before getting straight into these navbars, let me tell you something about the overall functionality of this site. The header of the site is reserved for the site logo in the left-hand side corner, the search bar in the middle, and upload and profile buttons in the right-hand side corner! Pretty simple and common when it comes to porn sites! But, one thing will poke your eye here, as it did to me: a menu bar just by the site logo! If you click that, you will get a lot of useful options that will help you browse this place and make your stay here unforgettable. That's the main thing when it comes to the difference between other sites and HomeMovieTube! When you click that, on the left-hand side you will see a menu with options such as video rankings (top rated, most viewed, longest, most favoured), Channels, and some of the most popular categories (anal, Asian, ass, BBW, and so on... Each of these categories has the exact number of scenes on the right side, giving you insights about the possibility of choices).
Now, under the header, you will see a standard navigation bar with sections such as Home, Videos, Photos, Categories, All Tags, Sex Stimulator, Local Fuckbuddy, Live Sex. The last options will lead you to the external sites, so I will not talk about them, but they definitely represent a nice feature, allowing you to see other options with no need to browse!

The homepage is devoted to amateur action as much as possible!

And I really like this fact man! It's much better to get straight into the business than to stall, right? HomeMoviesTube does a perfect job when it comes to this and the entire homepage is devoted to real-life sex action! At the beginning of the page, you will be able to see featured videos, in the middle you will see the latest videos, and that's it, no more complications. Only raw amateur material for you to satisfy your sexual urge. What can you ask more?!
I also like the fact that HomeMoviesTube provides you with information about each scene: you can see the thumb, of course, title, number of views, and percentage of likes! Based on these facts, you can easily decide which scene is good for you!

The search feature is something you don't wanna miss on HomeMoviesTube!

If you ask me, I will always tell you the same: Use the fucking search feature! Especially if it's implemented well, as here, on HomeMoviesTube! Each search query results will provide you with the stuff you have searched for, and will allow you to save time on browsing and enjoy longer!

One of the best places when it comes to free amateur content!

HomeMoviesTube definitely deserves prays like this, because it offers a lot of raw and amateur sex material, totally free! And amateur porn is probably the closest one when it comes to the identification of yourself in the scene you are watching!

HomeMoviesTube video options are off the chart!

Before I conclude this review, I really have to point out the video page! Man, these guys are making money out of amateur porn, but they are real professionals! When you open a clip here, you will be provided with details such as duration, views, added, comments! You will also be able to download the scene (with the free account), add to favourites, subscribe to the user, like, unlike, and share on social media! Also, there is a related porn videos feature which often comes really handy!

In the end, HomeMoviesTube is not a joke!

This is one of the best sites which decided to deal with amateur content and if you need to refresh your porn life a bit, this is a place you want to visit! 

What We Like At Homemoviestube:
+ Lots of amateur movie clips
+ Functional search feature
+ Download option with free account
What We Don't Like At Homemoviestube:
- Missing video preview
- Outdated site design
- Distorted thumbnails
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