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Kaplog! This is one of the best places to see Filipina cities sexing before the camera, all of which have been filmed and kept for free. This is a classic porn tube platform both for the Philippines and the rest of the world. Funny fact: I was actually on a sex trip in Thailand with the Philippine girl that I met once in the UK, but it's another day's story! This is all about Kaplog right now. Right now. These girls are obviously fucking fucking amazing and still pretty sexy – they don't have those little tits like most Asian girls have and can continue riding or riding in the bedroom. It's fair to say that Phillipino girls are surely top competitors when it comes to women, and they are one of the world's best talents.

What to expect

You wouldn't think so many websites with a GUI that's hard to comprehend in a foreign language XXX are present on the internet. Sure, you can translate Google on the website but it doesn't work as usual, and it hurts if you're in the sun and in need of a good fap to toggle it on particularly. Kap Log has a complete English GUI, though, which is also easy to use - so you can find your option of video in seconds. The GUI allows you to browse through the websites main pages but the content of the website is predominantly in Phillipino. That means you will never be able to see what is actually going on in your video until you watch it unless you know what the language is. Not that the content here is massive since much of it is amateur sex at home, but if there is some cum or reverse cowgirl scene in the video it will always be cool to know if you want to bust it on. It's fair, after all, to know for which kind of material a few million sperm cells you are about to slaughter. 


An unsuitable porn platform is like a lady in a wheelchair — you can screw her, but she won't get wet, since she doesn't feel anything. There are only six categories on this website which, in my view, are far too poor because the most respectable XXX websites should have at least 10-15 categories that their fans can use to search their content properly. There is a Porn Pinay, Phillipino, Pinay Controversy, which I think includes videos that include popular Phillipino, Asian, general Asian, camera-crazy kids, the Pinoy 80s films, RatedRR complete movies, which are like Pinoy Movies from the 80s but features movies from recent decades.

Tags and navigation

Tags are the core of a porn site, they keep their fans running around the material and searching easily instead of simply wandering goallessly on the mouse with one hand and on their cocks on the other. The tags cannot be interpreted without the Philippine language, and they seem very small and cover not a lot of variations even then. On this website you have tags such as 'Pinay sex' and tags such as 'mangpopoy,.'.. kayatsex,' which all appear to be XXX domains as distinct tags, except for the words '.com' and '.info..' In almost every video there are tags such as "pinaysmut" and "sarapeh' I'm not going to go and google is translating these marks, so I'm going to say they seem really narrow and it's a shame there are none in English on this page because I mean there are plenty of Filipinos born abroad and they aren't sure how to speak Phillipino very well. On English porn websites, people enter something that they find hot on the search bar so that they can load it. The quest indices are typically anything like 'two blond threesomes' and 'deep oral creampy.' Here, in order to use the search bar, you would have to know the language, otherwise, you might be stuck behind an impenetrable language barrier that blocks your cock and refuses your satisfaction.

You can find the content of photos

Photos are available on this website not only of Phillipino ladies but also a large proportion of Phillipino nude models, taken with HD cameras. The photo galleries can be seen at the body of the home page, but they are not very well classified or tagged, just like the videos in this gallery, so much of the time you're left to search through thousands of images and photo sets before you find one you like. Any photograph or photo set can better be provided with a category that is normally obscure or incomprehensible, for example, "Sweet Babe'' or "Trike Patrol."


The majority of videos of the genre 'Rated R Movies' have been disabled – the thumbnails are totally blank and you'll be taken to a dead link even though you click the video title. It's a little bit shit to see that there are probably hundreds if not more missing videos in one of the better sections on the web platform, yet again there are complete XXX items because they're most definitely down because of the right to copyrights hits.

What We Like At Kaplog:
+ Easy to navigate
+ Lots of Filipina babes
What We Don't Like At Kaplog:
- Only few categories
- Poor site design
- Search option
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