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Hello, today we will be looking at porn tube called SexGalaxy. This website contains a wide selection of various types of both premium and homemade porn videos. The website is structured in such a manner that videos are not saved on its server, rather than being forwarded to where the video was initially uploaded when a person clicks on a video. Additionally, individuals can download these videos quickly. For membership or premium video viewership, the platform does not require any payments. However, to post comments on a video, you will be expected to log in or sign up.


In the world of internet porn, is indeed a special location. It's not a repository of lings, it's not a porn tube, it's not just a site of study. This is the easiest way to explain it; it's a porn blog with links to different categories of content, which has functionality similar to social networks and deals but also acts as an index for other sites to full libraries. The video page of SexGalaxy is distinct from the video page of virtually any other free porn site. The video player isn't built-in. Alternatively, you'll have to pursue a link to import, where you'll need to switch off the ad-blocker to watch something. The other option is a download link on UbiqFile, where if you want to download the 563 megabyte mp4, they tell you to purchase a premium account. For an 'easy' movie, that's at least twenty bucks.

About the site and content

The website looks quite original. Nothing quite like something I have seen recently.'s primary function is to educate you of new porn material available to view, stream, and download for you. You are provided with a new video or publication in a series of regular posts in the form of updates, preview links, streaming links, and update links. It's a very informative way to let people know the fresh porn content is now open for them to enjoy. The fact that these changes arrive in a forum post style on a regular basis means you can quickly follow the posts with a calendar at the bottom of the page and check out the posting history. The developers had to formulate a new means of organising and cross-referencing it, seeing as this is a unique way of distributing content. It's the fastest and most powerful way to scan for material important to your needs in the folder. So, the search feature extends to every category, every model, and all other keywords that you think can be related to a particular article. You can find celebrity tapes here, names of pornstars, over a hundred groups and tags, files of over 50000 images, apart from tiny icons and networks, so Sex Galaxy is nice to have around if you're into porn.

The community

There are at least a few thousand involved members chatting, posting and browsing the content on even in the odd hours. Given that this is a very special and unusual website, that's pretty amazing. The founders of the forum often serve primarily as content administrators.


The platform features a wide variety of genres of porn, such as hardcore, amateur, blowjob, big boobs, white, big dicks, Asian, Latina, blacks, footjobs, rough sex and supremacy, just to name a handful. In addition, the site has a live cam feature that enables users to connect online with other men and women to have sex or masturbate. The website also provides you with some retro videos with the most gorgeous scenes that transform sex into the most stunning art. There are lots of thumbnails in each video that will let you know if you want to see the video right away! Every video is available for download and from all the downloads you are going to launch, your router will be on fire. In lots of situations like crazy gangbang, threesomes, interracial and so on, you will get to see the sexiest floozies get fucked. Come in to see some of these HD videos that you're going to love for a long time!


We may get into a whole debate about whether or not piracy of stag films is incorrect. Huh? Me? I will definitely download a vehicle, but my opinion is just as useless as yours on the subject. I'm not going to criticize anyone, but if you cheat, there are a lot safer places to steal. is a special spot, but we enjoyed its vibe and undoubtedly the abundance of helpful connections to different content styles. The overall optimistic mood is somewhat motivated by the feeling that there are ways to develop the network further and create something much greater.

What We Like At Sexgalaxy:
+ Lots of updates
+ Free content
What We Don't Like At Sexgalaxy:
- Outdated site design
- Ads
- Site is too fucking bright
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