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Unlike most other porn sites, Fakings Network is dedicated to providing the world with top-notch amateur porn and they do so in some way. While most other sites will either aggregate and index links to homemade and amateur content found elsewhere on the web or allow users to simply add videos to their profiles for the sheer enjoyment of other members, Fakings encourages your direct participation in the making of their films. And the best part, they're paying!

Amateur porn and chance for an audition

I guess this is essentially the same idea behind any porn studio, isn't it? Well not specifically. Since Faks specializes in amateur porn, they are much less specific than a premium payout will be, exponentially increasing your chances of getting paid to fuck on film. What's more, if you pass the initial actor screening, Faks totally covers the cost of production. If they approve, a lot of similar operations will allow you to have the chance at an audition, but let you foot the bill of the time and performance of the actress, the camera, the location, etc. All you need is to have a look that they want, be ready and willing to fuck, be able to provide recent documentation on STD screening and travel to Madrid.

Free sign up with ever-expanding porn archives

You can always sign up for their cam site to watch girls. Or, if that isn't really your thing, fakings has plenty of pre-recorded amateur porn for you to wiggle with too. They had 17,871 videos, 41 series, 4,053 online users, and 38 girls online at the time I visited. They claim to add 3,000 new amateur videos a month, but in principle, the site will only continue to grow until the end of time, ensuring you're never going to run out of porn. However, fakings are not just orgasms and happy times. I was surprised to find that you are not allowed to view entire videos on their platform without a VIP membership. I suppose somewhere they've got to pay their amateur porn starlets, right? However, on the other hand, as they advertise, they will possibly continue to get advertising revenue (not sure if the ads go away or not once you are a member).

Without a membership, you can only look forward to shorter clips

Still without a subscription, with a lot of one to five-minute video clips, you're left. You can come across a video every once and a while that plays in whole, but it is all too rare an experience for me. I would expect a lot more free videos for a platform like this, especially considering the fact that they are collecting ad revenue. Or longer previews, at least. The previews aren't even that amazing, they reveal nothing interesting. At the end of each of them, the girls are already clad. What is that kind of bullshit? I will just go to Starbucks or something if I want to see decently sexy, fully-clothed chicks. Most actresses on Faks are at best, mildly pretty. And the filming standard isn't really that fantastic. I mean, I get that these are amateurs and that's the whole point, but if I'm being honest, I've seen higher quality amateur porn from people who upload videos for free to the Porn Hub. I don't really see myself paying cash for what Faks is selling.

The website is easy to navigate

I've seen best as far as web design is concerned, however, and I've seen worse. The website is very simple and reasonably straightforward to use. It's a little more cluttered than I usually want to see and I think they would benefit a little more from the notion of welcoming negative space. Plus, when you hover the mouse over them (not even a slideshow), the video thumbnails do not issue any kind of preview, and it just seems like it should be a given at this stage when it comes time to code a porn site, don't you think?


Connect all that to the fact that the website is very lousy with commercials, and I'm not quite impressed. Not for the platform itself at least. The material is all right (it could be much, much better because you have to pay to access most of it), the functionality of the website could be changed, and there could certainly be more helpful and fascinating features (this website, for instance, really lends itself to more of a group element that I just don't see being fulfilled as of now...

The content

The video material from is basically pretty okay. It's no exceptional thing, so it does move. You can see Spanish ladies, hot and young, and you can see some nice MILFs, too. On this platform, black girls are present too which is cool. As a festival in my hometown, it's very diverse. The only thing that's lacking is the loser that isn't happy with his sex life, so he's just watching others cook and anger inside of him with envy. Wait, this is me! Anyway, I was upset at first but now I'm refreshed. It's not something that I would be in a hurry to pay for, as I've already said, but it's not that bad either. You know, if you're looking for some okay Spanish porn, like a new experience, then this would be okay. I certainly recommend this to beginners on this porn tour.


Maybe you would want to register. Only pick your membership form (and there are four), add some details in and that's essentially it. You ought to compensate, of course, so that's just the way it is. And it's fully justified by the amount of content that (often mispelled as "fakingtv") has. One month would be $25, three months would be $60, and six months would be $90. It's that. All and all, with the actual Faks website, I was quite underwhelmed (often misspelled as "fakingtv"). I do fucking love the notion, though and I wish I lived in Madrid (more than ever now) because I'd be fucking bitches all the time on video!

What We Like At FakingsTv:
+ Easy to navigate
+ Regular updates
+ Cam site
What We Don't Like At FakingsTv:
- Ads
- Quite expensive
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