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Every straight man is drawn to a different thing on a woman. Some people love long sexy legs, others nice ass, and some mainly focus on the face and her facial expressions. However, no one, and literally no one is immune to a pair of big nice round titties just bouncing around. That is something that everyone loves and as people use to say, the bigger - the better. Well, I have a real treat for you jug-lovers today. I am about to show you a porn site that focuses exclusively on pornstars and amateur babes with huge natural (or not) boobs. The name of the site is MelonsTube. Let’s see what this site has to offer to hardcore titty lovers.

This Site Offers The Biggest Choice Of Boobs Ever

The name itself tells you everything about this site. Melons is a familiar and popularly used word for big boobs in the pornographic industry. Tube, on the other hand, means that the movies on this site are for free. If you thought like that, you are right on both occasions. MelonsTube is here to offer a fantastic number of videos with chicks who have big boobs. Scratch that, some chicks here have enormous melons and guys cannot wait to put their hard dicks between them.

So, on this site, you can expect a huge number of videos that feature big tits. To be honest, there are more than 29 million videos about straight fucking with big titties. That’s right, this site is enormous. And we are only talking about the straight category. You can check gay and trans categories as well. If you do that, the number of videos goes to an amazing 35 million videos and counting. The videos are being updated almost every day so you are guaranteed to watch fresh content every day. Let’s see how this site works and how easy it is to navigate around it.

Criminal Design And Categories On Homepage

MelonsTube is not your usual porn tube. Well, it is not a porn tube at all, to be honest. It is a porn aggregator site. This means that every video that you see here is not on this site. This site only hosts it. So, if you want to watch a video, when you click on it, you will be redirected to the original site from whence it came. This is how the porn aggregators work. They don’t own any of the content and they are just giving you shortcuts to the real thing. You have to admit that making 35,000,000 shortcuts is one hell of a job.

When it comes to the design and the functionality of the site, many of you will not be satisfied. The background is fucking orange. I get it, melons and shit, but it could have been crimson or some darker color. If you are a night bird and you love to watch big boobs at night, you won’t appreciate the light design of this website. Even its logo is a busty babe in an orange circle. Still, the site feels great and it is user-friendly.

However, there might be one thing that porn lovers will not like. Usually, when you enter a porn site, you get a display of random videos from all possible genres. Somehow, you work your way through them and choose your favorites. On MelonsTube, you are greeted with categories. On the homepage, everything you see is a category. This means that you need to choose your favorite category and then browse the videos only in the circles of what you chose. This system works well and this site offers an incredible number of categories and tags. Their number is just incredible and you won’t be able to check them all in this lifetime.

Porn Aggregators Bear A Hidden Risk

So, since MelonsTube doesn’t have any of the videos, there is one hidden risk that is included. There is no way that you can know the characteristics of the site you are being transferred to. If you are lucky, you will get to the site that is friendly and won’t shower you with pop-up ads. The videos are mostly of medium quality. If you want to focus on the (not so big) HD collection of movies, you can switch that button and watch only HD movies. This is the reality of every porn aggregator. It brings a tremendous amount of content that is questionable. 

Enjoy Millions Of Videos From The MelonsTube Network

I see porn sites like this all the time. They are a part of a bigger network and all of the sites in the network look the same. This network includes 8 other sites that look and feel completely the same as MelonsTube. Together, they offer millions and millions of videos so visiting all of those sites cannot be a bad idea. But, it is beyond me why these sites look the same and feel the same. They all give you categories on the homepage. You can choose between straight, gay, and trans movies as well. Still, this network is very successful and it cooperates with a large number of big sites to bring you the best porn movies.


MelonsTube is a perfect place for every porn lover who adores big melons. Titties, tits, boobs, melons, jugs, call them what you like, but everyone loves them. This site is one of the biggest databases of big boobs porn on the internet. The best thing about it is that it is completely free. You can watch every single video on this site for free. The only risk lies in the fact that it is a porn aggregator site. None of these movies are from this site and you will always watch them on different sites. If you are lucky, you will stumble upon good sites that will treat you nicely. Enjoy the biggest collection of porn with amazing busty babes on MelonsTube. Let them bounce all day!

Btw, ThePornMap also has a decent Melonstube review you can read, it provides another independent opinion on this site.

What We Like At Melonstube:
+ Fast and resposive
+ Night mode option
+ Amazing list of categories
What We Don't Like At Melonstube:
- Clips could be better quality
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