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The everyday search for porn continues. We are here today again to bring another great porn review right to your doorstep. We know how hard this year has been, very unorthodox and strange, but we believe you are ready for some good news. We have found a perfect porn site for you. It is completely free, it offers an unreal number of videos, and it is easy to remember - PornSOS. Yep, this is the first aid kit for everyone who needs porn and likes to fap to it. This site is special in so many ways and we are here today to present them to you. Let’s kick off this review and see what makes PornSOS such an exceptional website.

To Host Or Not To Host? That Is The Question!

As you probably already know from the title, PornSOS is a porn aggregate site. What does that mean? Well, it means that they don’t have porn videos of their own. They only host them and all the videos are actually hosted someplace else. This means that this site is actually just a connection between you, a porn lover, and another free website where you can watch free porn videos. That is not a bad idea and many porn sites do this. They are the aggregates for those sites and everyone who wants to watch great videos.

However, there is one significant difference in this place. Usually, when you visit a porn tube aggregate, you get redirected every time when you click on a video. You will get sent to the original page of that video on the original site perhaps on RedTube, PornHub, XNXX, or any other free porn tube that has connections. Well, on PornSOS, this is a bit different. The site doesn’t host any of the movies, but they can be played with its own media player. This is a superb addition because it saves you that extra click. All of the videos can be played right there.

Unbelievable Number Of Videos And Updates!

You know when you visit a site and you have no idea how many videos it has? You go through the pages but you never see an actual number. Well, PornSOS changes that up a lot. It will give you the number right away and it has a good reason for doing that. There are more than 34,000,000 videos available on this site. Yes, that is 34 million videos. It is a number that has to be seen so we understand why PornSOS needs to show these numbers. That is a serious number and it is absolutely mind-blowing. This site just prepared a huge database for the people who love watching porn in their free time.

You will need a lot of time to watch all the videos on this site. This is not only because of the sheer number of them but because of the upload speed on PornSOS. While we wrote this review, there were more than 9,000 videos uploaded. That means that they update porn every couple of minutes. Actually, at the bottom of the page, they say “new porn videos every 5 minutes” and we believe them. This site adds an impressive number of videos every single day, over 20,000 of them. So, you would need a lot of time to go through all of them.

The Site’s Interface And Options Are User-Friendly

When you first visit PornSOS, you will not be surprised by anything you see there. It looks the same as every other porn tube, aggregate site, or any free place where you can get porn. On the main page, there are categories and that is perhaps the biggest difference on this site. Once you have found the category you want, when you click on it, you will get redirected to the next page where the videos are listed. You click on a video and the party can start. We will talk about the categories later, let’s see what are other things that this site offers.

You can filter your videos by popularity, categories, favorites, liked videos, and you can always revisit your watch history. These options are quite useful and they need to be an integral part of every porn site. Especially, we like the touch with the porn history. Do you remember how many times you have watched a movie and you couldn’t find it later? It happens way too much so history is the best option.

Amazing Plethora Of Categories

When we say plethora, we mean waaaaaaay too big a number! PornSOS is a champion when it comes to two things. First, the number of videos which is 34,000,000+ (we still cannot wrap our heads around that number), and the number of categories. When you start scrolling through them, it seems that there is no end to them. There are more than 10 pages of categories so you are sure to find whatever you are looking for. If you don’t want to sift through them, you can always use the search option which is always available at the top. Also, you can see the most popular categories at the bottom of the website, but not all of them are listed there, only the most searched for.

Not Too Many Ads Add Another Plus To Our PornSOS Experience!

Well, you know already that porn aggregate sites have to find a way to earn money. They are not robots, the people need the money. Usually, they would do it through redirecting links, ads, pop-ups, and other ways of harassment. Well, PornSOS doesn’t have a huge problem with it. On our longish stay on the site, we didn’t get redirected at all, there were no pop-ups, and we saw very few ads. Those are some great news!


If you were wondering if PornSOS was the site for you, it definitely is. This is a porn site that we would recommend to everyone. It has dozens of millions of videos, they get updated every day, and everything is completely free. Go and check it out right now!

What We Like At Pornsos:
+ Over 45 million videos
+ Clean and responsive site
+ Big thumbs
+ Regular updates
What We Don't Like At Pornsos:
- When I find, I'll let you know
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