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When a name like CamWhores comes up on your screen, you pretty much know what you are expecting. You probably think this is a website with many live cams where naughty girls are trying to earn some tips by doing some kinky and sexy shit. Well, you wouldn’t be far from the truth since this is a website like that, but it is also so much more. It is great when porn sites try to blend different styles and different content to bring a unique experience to their users. CamWhores is a place like that. You will be able to find a lot of naughty naked chicks doing sexy stuff for tips, but you can enjoy a lot of amateur porn videos as well, and there are some other quite neat options that this site offers. So, without further ado, let us see what this site is all about.

Cam Girls Are Waiting For Your Tips

Even though we have just put this huge secret into the world, this site is mostly about the girls getting naked, chatting, and taking tips from unknown guys (and girls). Girls love this shit, let’s not fool around. Girls watch porn as well and they can be so much kinkier than guys. They just have that aura around them that they are bigger saints than men. But, as a great rock band once said, “good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught”. CamWhores is a place for everyone and you are guaranteed to experience some great cam shows and uploaded amateur videos.When we hit this site for a review, there were over 1,500 active girls on it already. You are faced with a sweet choice of finding a sexy hot girl that is in her room and has her camera on. She is there to make your dreams come true, or at least some of them. Cam sex experience is for the patient guys. It is for those who like to have long fap sessions and are armed with a lot of patience. This is true because the girls you see on these cams will not agree to lose their clothes or start doing something naughty right away. You need to show them that you are worthy. And how do you do that?

Tokens Are The Cam Sites Currency

In order to have the best experience on a site like this, you need to arm yourself with a lot of cam currencies which are called tokens. Tokens can be bought for a different price and they can be distributed in the way that you want. Most of the live cam shows can be accessed for free, you can enter the chat room, see the girl on a screen to the left and watch the thirsty people chatting on the right. As they tip her, she does something, loses her clothes, or starts rubbing her pussy, using a dildo, or even suck and fuck real guys. But, if there is a generous tipper, they can go to a private chat room where they can be alone with such girls and everything they do is for their eyes only. Therefore, get yourself a nice pack of tokens and don’t hesitate to “bribe” the girls into doing something really nasty. To get the tokens, you need to have an account and the registration on CamWhores is for free.

Old Cam Videos And Loads Of Amateur Porn

This site is special in many ways. First of all, it offers a unique blend of amateur porn videos and live cam shows. Everything is accessible to you on the main page and you can choose what you watch at any moment. Along with a great number of sexy online cam girls, you can watch the previously finished cam shows, old and new amateur porn videos, and the live shows all at once. CamWhores has a great library of porn movies and they are all user-generated. If you have a free account on this site, you can upload your videos, enter any chat room, and spend tokens as much as you want.

Tokens And Ads At The Cash Loadout

New visitors and members of CamWhores will catch a glimpse of some glitches that can happen on this site. First of all, there is a lag - the biggest enemy of internet lovers. Some pages and videos take too long to respond and your cock might deflate from all the waiting. Most of them work at full speed but some of them are just depressingly slow. Next, when the new users visit the site and try to play any video, they might get the message “ html5: video not found”. Well, this is a fucking sign that you need to deactivate your VPN if you are using it and also to stop your ad blocker on this site. This is fucking Christmas for CamWhores. Now, all of their floating, popping, and lurking ads can come to haunt you after your ad blocker is shut down. This place has a lot of ads and they are everywhere, but this doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Once you have chosen your favorite cam girl, nothing's gonna stop you from being 100% devoted to her and her stripping skills. Maybe she will even let you see her fuck a dildo if you are a great tipper.

Last Thoughts On CamWhores

Another option, and the final one for this review, is the great chat window that is available for everyone on the homepage of CamWhores. It serves as the porn Twitter and everyone can post anything that is on their minds at the given time. By doing this, maybe you will meet some interesting people and make your experience on this site great. Even without this option, CamWhores is an excellent place for all of the fun that we have mentioned. You will be able to enjoy thousands of sexy girls in live cam shows, shower them with tokens, and watch them perform their show just for you. Also, you will be able to watch a huge database of amateur porn movies that were uploaded by the users. CamWhores is waiting for you. Try it out today!

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What We Like At Camwhores:
+ Watch old cam videos
+ Lots of Amateur porn
+ Quality thumbs
What We Don't Like At Camwhores:
- Unattractive site design
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