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celebrities are a special kind of model when it comes to male selection. They didn't work their way up to the top only relying on their raw talent. be it the singers, the actresses or some other kind of famous person, all of them share one thing in common. Hot looks. Most of them are even considered sex bombs, and playboy doesn't offer them a huge amount of money for professional nudes for no reason. But who has the time to wait for Playboy or some other magazine to offer the guys the opportunity to have a quality fap time, when you got hackers able to crack their phones and social networks and deliver their most spicy nudes for all of us to enjoy. This kind of content is called leaks, and internet communities are hungry for them! There is a huge amount of fappening sites online full of every guy's desire when it comes to nude photos and sex tapes of famous celebrities. These sites are full of content including nudes, nip slips, homemade porn videos, etc. what is most interesting when talking about sites like this is that not all of them are free when it comes to exclusive nudes or videos. But comes here like sent directly from celebrity heaven with only the best content this category has to offer. It is full of nice content that is divided into subcategories to make it easier to navigate through and find what you came for! Let us begin.

What is all about?

Like its name says, it is mostly for fapping causes. to celebrity nudes, and sex tapes. It has a large base of content and it's mostly about the hottest celebs right now, and it usually revolves around leaks and sex tapes. It is divided nicely into subcategories including the likes of  Kim Kardashian, Noah Cyrus, Kate Upton, Sarah Silverman, and many more famous celebs who like getting exposed for their sex-driven appetite and a huge number of leaks they provide to us to enjoy. When coming across a site like this you usually expect to pay for some exclusive content, right? Well the doesn't require any fee from you in order to provide only the hottest content of this type, and the basic content you get to find here, you get to find on most of the sites similar to this one, but they usually require some type of payment. That's a big advantage of and that's the reason it stands out from other sites of this kind that's for sure. Here you can expect to find some leaks that can be found on other sites, and the simplicity of the design here is awesome because it provides a lot of good features!

The large variety of content has a huge lead when it comes to this kind of site. Besides the awesome content it provides, it is also the variety of the content that can be found on here that matters! Lots of the same sites like this one don't even have the variety that can be found here, and they even require some payment in order to see "exclusive" content that can be found here for free. Crazy right? provides all the content you need for a good fapping and that's all you really need to hear. Some of the celebs featured here are the likes of Halle Berry, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Amber Heard and many many many more.

Features and options

Some of the options here don't stop to amaze me at all! The categories here are divided into a lot of subcategories which makes it a lot easier for you to navigate to the celeb you are looking for with ease. Be it a famous singer, actress, or another type of celeb. It really depends on what you like the most. This site is updated regularly also, as some of the posts I stumbled upon here are fresh and posted like 2 hours ago. If you are uncertain about what you want to watch or look at, you have the random option that can take you to a random celeb and you can pretty much only use that one option and have an amazing time here on Some other nice options here are found on the menu button and they include stuff like links to other fappening sites, some more highlighted content, and more. The Hot category and Most popular are also a place where you should spend most of the time when visiting as they upload regularly as mentioned above. 

Site design

What's unclear to me is why don't more people invest in site design as did. I mean, the user interface is what, alongside good content, is going to keep the visitors interested to pursue searching through the site. Most of the sites have some boring layouts that look like any other site out there. This site has a pure eye candy-like design and will have you involved in trying all the functions for sure. It has a white background with some blue and black navigation bars which looks cool and modern to the max! 

Conclusion about

Finding a good happening type site ain't an easy job. but it is an honest one for sure! It requires almost an endless search through the dark corners of the web, full of fake sites and fake content with advertisements ready to creep you out at every step. But if you wish to get right at the business then visit Straight action content with awesome celeb blowjobs like the one I saw on the homepage but I'm not going to say which celeb it is, go check it out for yourself you won't be disappointed! It is hot as fuck and I didn't see a wilder blowjob in a long time. so that's pretty much it, go check out and enjoy all the various content you can find there!

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What We Like At Fappenist:
+ Tons of free celeb pics
+ Free of ads
What We Don't Like At Fappenist:
- Categories are not categories
- Basic site design
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