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Everyone who has had a rough day at work relaxes by watching their favorite movies and TV shows at the end of the day. But, what happens when those smoking hot celebrities start undressing or have a sex scene in those pictures? Well, your mushroom tip gets hard, that’s what happens. You find yourself longing for those beautiful babes that show up on your flat-screen TV. Also, at the same time, you are filled with despair knowing that you will never see them in a real porn movie. That is true, 99% of the celebrities don’t have a secret sex tape that has been leaked. That is why we get to enjoy their unreal sexuality only in movies. But, there are porn sites that allow you to watch those scenes and see the nude pictures of celebrities. Today, we are taking a look at one of the Fappening sites called Ancensored. Let’s take flight.

What Is Ancensored About?

Basically, Ancensored is a huge database of sex scenes and nude pictures of celebrities all over the world. The numbers on this site are unreal and they are proud of them. On the page, when it loads, you will see the numbers right away. At the moment of this review, the site had more than 52,000 celebrities, more than 975,000 pictures, and more than 170,000 videos. On this site, it is extremely easy to find your favorite celebrity and enjoy her nude and sexy scenes. Even if you don’t know her name but you do know the name of the movie, there is a good chance you will find her here. Ancensored has a library of more than 56,000 movies and TV shows at your disposal.

Celebrity porn sites are numerous and most of them follow the Fappening’s formula of success. Hey, if you copy your homework from the smartest kid in class, you will get credit for that as well. That is why Ancensored resembles its predecessors very much in the means of content, website style, and available options. Let’s take a look at the functionality of this website.

Site Is Easy To Navigate 

As every free porn tube site looks similar, almost every celebrity porn site shares certain options and looks. Ancensored has a pretty slick user-interface and it is not difficult to navigate. On the front page with that creepy little dude in the logo, you will find everything you need. First, you see the list of the most popular celebrities that day or week. One name that caught our attention was Jennifer Connelly. Man, she got some boobies! And she is gorgeous as well! When we clicked on her, a surprise! We got redirected to some bullshit news page with some articles that no one wants to read. A really slick and smooth ad gotta say! With another click on the lovely Jenny, we finally get to the good stuff.

The celebrity page shows up with a lot of personal information about your desired star. You will get to see her age, her birthplace, as well as the number of her nude showings in movies. For ol’ Jenny here, there was 29, which is a great number. A little lower, you get to see her in many top lists created on Ancensored. But, the real fun is up top. You get a lot of options to search for her pictures and videos. You get tabs like Edit, Video, Pics, and SexTape. We click on the Edit tab and BAM, another spam, and a news article. Really?! This is getting pretty annoying!

Basically, you need to register on this site to be able to edit any information about your celebrities. Without that, you can just watch the movies and pictures or read the many comments below each celebrity page. The Videos page shows you all of the sexy and nude videos that the celebrity has done shown in an unknown order. The Pictures tab groups the nude sexy pictures by the movies they are from. This is more like it. Finally, the Sextape tab will show you if the celebrity has a sex tape or not. Also, there is an Add Sex Tape button. So, if you somehow hacked Jennifer’s phone and have access to her sex tape, do register and upload it.

Other Options Are Interesting

Ancensored offers a wide variety of movies, tv shows, celebrities, and their naked scenes or pictures. Everything is well-organized on the website and we have shown you the main options. The community of this site numbers in millions every month and they are recognized as well. There is a special portion of the site that is dedicated to the top members every month. You will see a list of top members for the given month with the number of points they got. We assume the points are earned when they upload material, edit existing pages, leave comments, and write in the Ancensored blog.

The blog on this site is pretty stale with the last input done in the year 2015. Since then, there has been no activity whatsoever in this section. However, the community of the site seems to be pretty much alive, but the blog is just not their cup of tea. There is a section of the site with the news that is updated regularly.


Ancensored is one of those sites that will make your life better. The experience of it is completely free. You will be able to watch the sex scenes, nude pictures, and leaked images and videos of the world’s most famous celebrity stars. There is a huge number of movies, pictures, and scenes available to you, and you can edit them, download them, and watch them without any limits. If you have a strong ad blocker, you will have no major problems on this site. An occasional rerouting and some pop-up ads are to be dealt with, but nothing so much frustrating. This site can become a mirror into the sexy world of celebrities. If they have a sex tape leaked or some naughty private pictures, you will find them on

What We Like At Ancensored:
+ Really free
+ All celeb in one place
+ Search feature and navigation are great
What We Don't Like At Ancensored:
- Strict registration rules
- Strong ad blocker recommended
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