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You might think that is a crappy location when you visit this place for the first time, but it's definitely not as awful as their homepage. Obviously, with the foot obsession, this site contains plenty of naughty stuff, because why the hell would the site include both 'foot' and 'feetish' terms within the title if it was not what the fuck they had to sell. One thing they don't describe in their title, though, is the fact that this place provides animated content, and by that, I just mean that instead of actual videos and all that stuff, they have tons of images. Obviously, all the pictures would be sketches involving the foot fetish, so bear that in mind, because if you came here to see any actual action or real chicks, you came to the wrong spot when exploring this place.

Home page and first impressions

The Foot Fetish Booru homepage really looks crappy, since it has a black screen, the number of total guests and some choices on top, with an ad or whatever the hell it is. You can display your posts, comments, register or view your favourites. The first thing that I checked out, clearly, were the blogs. You can definitely see when you open the posts that this place looks a lot like other places that offer similar content, aka anime videos. These are all photos uploaded by people, so here you'll find a lot of random crap, but the uniqueness of this site is that all of their content is somehow related to love of the foot. The image quality is typically HD or solid, as this depends on the person who created or posted the image. We all know that fucking amateurs can be very spontaneous, so you can never know what the hell to expect from the pictures here. From anime material to 3D pictures or just basic sketches, I've seen a wide range. You should know by now whether or not this place is intended to fulfil your dirty urges because I'm sure some of you will not find this content hot. Personally, I'm not that close to my knees, but then again I'm not against them. I do not mind this shit as long as the beauty in question is sexy, and because these are all drawn sluts, clearly 90 percent of them would be hot.

Free top-quality HD content

All you find here would be free, as one may have already expected, because why the hell would they make you pay for anything that isn't even high quality because all of this is user-submitted. This is a positive thing, clearly, because it means you can browse this stuff as much as you goddamn want, no one can stop you. Take time for your sweet butt and continue to dig, as the amount of content they provide is very high. One might argue that the thing that makes this shit so special is that it's all-new, but bear in mind that it also means you could find some amateur-drawn photographs and they don't look good at all. Then again, all of this depends on your own choice. I don't mind when the material is not top-notch, but when it doesn't make sense or it doesn't look presentable, I do mind. I saw some such material here but I think those are all inexperienced artists who are going to get better with practice. One point that should have been inferred is that there is a risk that you would certainly run into a foot-fetish image of her or even him if you have a favourite anime character.

Free registration and upload your content

They specifically note that 90% of what they have to offer can be accessed, meaning some of you do not even have to build an account. If you come here to post your own naughty stuff, though then maybe you can make an account because it's free and all that garbage. The account will even give you an additional bit of features and all that garbage, but it's not important, honestly. It's really sweet of them to send us all this stuff for free, and you can even see the artist behind the drawing if you find a drawing that you really like. In some examples, users will only reupload old pictures from other platforms, such as, and they'll credit the picture owner on the side, which is pretty fucking cool again. You don't really need to do anything, just type your username, pass, and mail, and that's about it. I'm not used to any of this politeness. Without the account, you will still be able to upload your own photos, I didn't investigate that aspect too much simply because you get it free, so for such a basic fucking platform, there is little reason for me to make it too comprehensive.

Cool features

While you might think they have a lot of awesome search possibilities, at first sight, they are really quite a fucking drag. You will have the regular categories listed on the side, and you will be presented with subtags any time you open one of the categories, and so on. As I think it should be clear, I'm not going to explain how this stuff works. They do offer a list of different tags that really go into detail about what the fuck you'd like to see and that page confused me honestly. Basically, you're going to have a list of tags you're searching for or other people are looking for in the 'Alias' page and a list of tags that should be seen... I know what Alias does, but I don't get why this was important for the fuck.Very nice features.


Overall, on this site, I had a lot of fun browsing images, but I'd prefer if they offered better search options, rather than the shit they offered. They have a lot of tags, basically, but no actual filters. Oh well, I can't complain that 90% of the shit they offer on is entirely free of charge.

What We Like At Footfetishbooru:
+ Thousands of foot images
+ Free of charge
What We Don't Like At Footfetishbooru:
- Nothing
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