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This subreddit takes the truckload to the horny weebs. There are nearly 600,000 registered subreddit users and anywhere from 3-6,000 of them at any given time online. And, since all the way back in 2008, this sub has been a home for quality Hentai material. These days, that's older than any of the porn pages out there. Each subreddit seems to have a somewhat different type of configuration and moderation, so before we get into the stuff, let's dig into the nice shit. R/hentai is part of a group dubbed "The Hentai Group." It's essentially a collection of subreddits from Hentai who support each other out. There's a tab up top with some of the other subreddits in the community if you feel like having any more sexy hentai material.

Join the discord

You may even access their Discord list, which at all hours of the day has thousands of cucks complaining about hot hentai babes on it. Then there's a hentai directory you can find over on the right side column of the website. Every single Hentai subreddit on Reddit lists the thing. It also shows you how many subscriptions one has and offers a bit of a blurb on what it's all about. Ok, fuck yes.

No reposting and illegal content

As with moderation, it is fairly simple. Don't repost crap. No young girls' sketches. I know you're not supposed to be fucking told, but some of your filthy cucks probably need a good reminder on that one. No gore or scat. No exposure for your own stupid shit. Only share hot hentai, and hopefully, you should be all right. And they're not afraid to bar your butt from here by the looks of it. Look out for it then. They have a long list of moderators who will be used by them.

Easy access to content

It has the same simple content sorting options as most other subreddits like "hot," "new," and "top." But, actually, you should still go through "hot" and probably never run out of content. It's fucking unbelievable. Every few minutes, there are new uploads here. When jerking your dick to hundreds of hot photographs and short videos of slutty hentai babes spreading their pussies and having their holes opened just for you, you can scroll and scroll and scroll.

Big and top quality material

Top-notch is the hentai material. You get HD frames, brilliantly illustrated GIFs, and nut-worthy WEBMs. On this subreddit, you're not going to find any low-quality nonsense entries. They even have a law requiring the shit that you post to be decent. This material comes to you absolutely free of charge, as with anything on Reddit. Any time you try to crack a nut, no stupid ass memberships or boring ads to wait through. If you feel like you need to, you can upload photos to their maximum quality, play videos without buffering, and leave a message to your fellow horny Redditors. And as this place has been around since 2008, then chances are you're going to find about everything you're searching for. Only plug in the subreddit search bar whatever shit you want to fap to and you'll actually get a metric lot of outcomes.

Awesome mobile experience

Well, the smartphone website is rocking. You don't even have to fuck with a real mobile site, really. Only get the app for yourself so you can view photos of pretty anime bitches being screwed while you're on the go. I'm not so much of a degenerate person that I need to wank one out on the bus under the towel, but I don't think I notice you fat virgin fucks doing that shit. Maybe fap to something worthwhile, as well. You get fully formatted pages for the smartphone app, along with all of the same features you had on the Reddit desktop edition.

Very nice features

This subreddit has some of the top quality hentai porn I've seen all over the web. It's not as descriptive as the more fetish-driven subreddits, but they've got some nice stuff on here, darn it. All the images, videos, and GIFs reported here will be of good quality. To get this amazing fucking stuff, you don't even need to have any kind of paid membership. For the taking, it's all yours. And I like the way Reddit is configured, too. It makes it easier to browse the rest of Reddit on the go without seeing huge anime titties flashing across your phone by having different locations for your hentai porn.

No Cons

I don't have to say a single negative thing about a subreddit. I know, to get at the stuff, you have to work with Redditors, so you can't really get around that. I'm just lurking and jerking off with these hot babes. I'm dreaming about banging sluts and getting my cock drained, and because they know they don't get any pussy, they're going to start getting all ass hurt. Their failure. But, sure, with excellent content and a reasonable degree of moderation, a powerful subreddit.


Overall, with r/hentai, you can't really go wrong. This is one of the best places to go for free Hentai photos, videos, and GIFs if you like big bootied Hentai sluts. The only major downside to using Reddit for your Hentai is that some of the bigger name sites lack the same amount of search and tag choices. But you get a good fucking experience on a site whose sole focus isn't on hentai. No advertisements. No charges for membership. No nonsense at all. For days, you can browse the huge selection of content here and still never run out. So if you're ready to bust hot hentai chicks with a few nuts, then you should get your weeb ass over and give it a go-to r/hentai.

What We Like At RedditHentai:
+ Community is really active
+ Tons of HD pics and videos
+ Responsive
+ Great for mobile
What We Don't Like At RedditHentai:
- Nothing yet
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