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If you consider yourself as a person who likes a professional cartoon erotic entertainment, the hentai niche must be the real deal for you! So, today, I'm going to talk about one stellar site. This place can be really confusing to many people, but once you dig deep enough, you will see that it is actually a stunning place for all the hentai porn lovers. Today, we are going to talk about Shadbase and all the benefits you can have to visit this place. Stick around and see what I have discovered about this place.

So, let's begin with the name itself!

As strange as it sounds, Shadbase roots are actually really logical and easy to figure out. But, without knowing some facts, this site's name can sound really strange and weird to all porn lovers. So, for all of you who have never heard of this, say that you have heard it here for the first time. This place owns its name to the founder of the site! Shaddai Prejean! This interesting man has tried several things in his life, including video games design, army, and much more, but he found his happiness when he created Shadbase! You have got to understand that the founder of Shadbase has not many followers when it comes to the regular people, but that's just ok! Which pornstar is accepted all over the world!? So, taking no care of that fact, Shaddai continued his work, making cartoon illustrations of any niche you can possibly imagine. He draws regular hentai porn, interracial action, and much more, including some weird shit like huge animal-like characters and much more. And he has a legion of followers and subscribers, actually 50+ thousands of them, and for me, that's enough to understand that this dude is a real deal. 

Shadbase has almost crossed the line!

I simply must point out one fact! Shadbase is not allowed in all countries in the world and some of them even take it furthermore, they have banned Shadbase by the law! If your country belongs to this group, you don't want to visit Shadman's website since some of the posts he has there are illegal. It is not mine to judge, so I won't be doing that, but saying Shadbase is totally innocent would be a lie. Mostly because of the stuff that Shadman likes to draw the most: lolicon! This is a controversial niche, showing mostly underaged children, girls to be precise! Also, this dude is known for making erotic cartoons of underaged girls who really exist, and it seems he crossed the line with that act! Once again, it's not on me to judge, you judge it for yourself. 

Now, Shadbase! What does it offer?

You know, Hentai and porn comics are probably the niche with the largest range of fantasies and different materials! And that's why they are so loved in the world of porn. There is nothing you can't find on Shadbase! Literally! Also, I have to point out that Shadman has found a way to go around regulations and the first thing you will notice on the site is a disclaimer! It literally says: "All characters drawn by the Shadman are 18 or older, even if specified otherwise. Shadbase is for parody purposes and doesn't actually reflect Shadman's desires or beliefs. The site shouldn't be taken seriously or viewed by anyone. With this said, we can move on to the site itself!

The looks:

The background and header are so crazy that I was stunned. In the background photo, you can see hundreds of characters created by this talented man! His talent simply can not be unnoticed! The cover photo shows a nasty character in black uniform, ready for some nasty things I'd say! Really crazy place. But, if you like cartoon erotic, this place is such a find! This place contains some funny and sarcastic shit, not only porn action! When it comes to porn action, you can click in the category section and there, you will be surprised how much content you will find! From the nasty lesbian scene, shemale rocking hot babe, hardcore straight cartoon fuck, to animalistic details and fairytales in a totally new perspective, you can find it all here! This guy is as creative as it gets and his imagination is off the chart! Luckily for all the cartoon and hentai porn action, his hands and drawing talents allowed him to make his imagination real and create such a marvelous piece of art! Because, this is pure art, when you take out other facts, above mentioned, out of the equation! Also, I have to say that almost every scene, at least every scene I have seen, has not only the sexy photo but that comic approach also. There are clouds with text and quotes from the characters and I find it really interesting!

Final thoughts:

Even though I have mentioned the founder of Shadbase several times, and that might bother you, you have to understand that this is his site and everything here is related to the work and acts of this dude. Once again, if you live in a country where Shadbase is banned, do not try to visit this place, you can have some serious consequences. For the others, with no such issues, check this place out if you enjoy professional and exceptional drawing! Also, check it out if you are as kinky and weird as it can get! Even though some think of this site as a bad thing for you, so many amazing porn contents can be found here! My advice, stay away from that banned niche I have written about in the lines above and everything will be fine! You can let your imagination do the trick once you gaze upon the remarkable drawing of Shadman, an extremely talented porn comics drawer! Hope this review helped you and am looking forward to hearing from you about your impressions!

What We Like At Shadbase:
+ Huge anime archive
+ Comment section
What We Don't Like At Shadbase:
- No regular updates
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