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You're hit with an incredibly extensive selection of sexy thumbnails as soon as you access this website, all linked to HD videos shot by the most famous mass producers in the XXX industry. The shortest video is about 15 minutes so you can bet both your nutsacks that you get plenty of content for literally nothing on, including both plots and real sex. Any given video on the home page is bound to be filmed by familiar names such as Mofos, Twistys, Brazzers, Throated and so on and they are all pretty fucking long. This is one of the few websites I have reviewed that actually offer free premium porn videos that average about 20 minutes-I repeat, all this stuff is free, and I'm willing to bet it's ripped from some pay-to-view website where some idiot jerkoffs pay a monthly subscription to jack it off.

First impressions of the website

I listed them above, as with most sites, the menu is in text right across the top, so we will go inside and take a look starting with Videos. Well it turns out that videos just load the page we were already on and we've described it above, so we're going to go right to the next page that says #Explore. That brings up a dropdown of Hot Videos, Most Viewed, Most Rated, Recently Added and 1080p & 4K Videos. Clicking the first one brings up a page of the recently added videos going down the page with 24 thumbs, then there are more pages to click on. We'll look at the following links next. So Hot Videos just shows the top 24 videos, but I'm not sure what the criteria are based on or if they just want to put the videos on the page. Next is Most Watched, because that one is definitely the videos that have been most viewed. Taking a look at 1080p & 4K videos, it actually shows how many videos in this section are next to the title when you go there.

Famous models and houses

Because virtually all the videos shown on this website are filmed by a massive XXX production that only employs experienced actors, it is only reasonable to conclude that nearly all the girls on the material of this website are well-known porn stars. This website is all about technical stuff, and you can get to yank your dick to some of the sexiest names in the XXX showbiz, such as Abella Risk, Alexis Fawx, Destiny Dixon, Kimmy Granger, and so on. You're not going to be jerking off to any college students or filmed prostitutes here. If you jerk off to porn on a regular or close daily basis, so you obviously can't relate to amateur shit anyway because you haven't had a lot of real-life sex, so what's the harm of jerking it on some premium-tier material with AAA porn stars who fuck on tape as their livelihood depends on it? (and it truly does, because that's how they earn a living, literally)

Videos and viewing experience

To try it out, I clicked on a video and it plays in a very tiny player, but the good news is that if you want to make it bigger, you can go to the full screen. It indicates below the video how many views, video quality, volume, and when tags and a comment section were added along with it. A download link is also available and it shows what the video's file size is, so we'll see how easy it is to download a video. The video plays well and in the loop, I could quickly go on and play it again. It reveals similar videos beneath the film. They are either videos from or showcasing the same girl from the same web.

Downloadable content

If you're an extreme, committed porn addict, you know all too well that you can get wrapped up in the sun occasionally and have no internet access available to open your favourite fuck-flick domain, or you just don't want to waste your mobile data streaming porn because you have a sense of pride inside yourself. This kind of stuff can happen all the time, but fortunately, there's a way to get your favourite videos on your phone, tablet or PC so that when bad days arrive, you can save them. Each video hosted on this website has its own download button, which lets you save any video that stands out to you that you come across.


This website is all about the premium, HD porn that runs the industry with its over-paid actors and commercialized vibe, so there are plenty of common categories that are associated with high-budget pornography available. You're certainly going to have fun skimming through the categories here because there's a lot of the normal stuff like blonde/brunette, bubble butt, huge breasts, blow job, interracial, and so on, but there's also a lot of kinky crap going on like glasses, feet, high heels, oil, and socks too. This is undoubtedly a very interesting way of categorizing fuck flicks and not many sites can use specific items such as glasses and categorization pants, but once again there are lots of XXX trends running on the content of this site such as 'secretary' and 'babysitter' so it makes sense as to why they would include such categories. For the more nerdy types, there are also satire and cosplay ranges, but that's just as far as it goes in that department.


On this page, there's actually not anything to dislike because it has a large range of long, HD videos that are all filmed by big-budget production houses, a fair list of categories, clear search choices for both film and porn stars, and a pretty simple navigation GUI. If you want to waste some time yanking your meat to any professional pornography that doesn't have some strange alternative shit like BDSM and Hentai, then on this website you'll actually have a lot of fun jacking it to the material.

What We Like At Palimas:
+ Full length free videos
+ Great pornstar section
+ Regular updates
What We Don't Like At Palimas:
- Lots of ads and popups
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