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When you're only looking for a fast wank, there are moments when you want to get on with your day. You've got for moments like this a free porn site where you can porn freely accessible only a click away. And on this website, there is so much of it that you can actually never run out of it. By the way, I'm serious. You'll never ever be able to see all the porn on There is far too much of it at some moment in time to really fathom seeing all of it.

Long and large archive of material

On, there are actually over 50 thousand porn files. You've heard me right, that's 50 thousand porn available for you to watch on-demand. They're all really long, as most porn videos generally are, so let's only say that one video is 10 minutes long for the sake of convenience. That's pretty much a whole year of non-stop watching porn. And I'm talking about staring at it 24/7. There's just no way you're ever going to get to the edge of this big ass porn repository. As new videos appear very often on this page, there will be even more in the future. Some would suggest that fresh videos are posted quicker than the previous ones you will view. This means that just to see all the porn on this website, you will basically need to watch multiple videos at once. That's a lot of damn porn right there.

Easy and accessible

There's a lot of porn on lots of blogs. However, what is it that makes so special? Oh, it may be the beauty of it. Essentially, with only one key, you can hope to get a new porn movie. You already have a multitude of options on the homepage for you to watch, so you don't even have to click through the porn pages to find these images. There are several pages from which you can choose to see porn as well so that you can retain the height of porn variety. They have the newest or most popular porn, and by the actual sorting process, you can filter these videos or you can skip directly from the homepage to these videos. They're right under the hottest videos, so all you need to do is look down a row and they're in all their glory there. As these are the most numerous ones on the homepage, you won't be able to watch all the newest episodes. Instead, just pick the one with the thumbnail and the description that seems more interesting to you.

Top famous and top quality porn

You can still do so if you want to watch the top-rated porn by going to the Hall of Fame filter. You can also filter the videos depending on how trendy they are and you also have the hottest videos not included in the filter but displayed at the top of the page instead. Simply pick any video that draws you the most and start viewing it. Since sure seems to touch all the right porn videos here, I personally suggest you get into the hottest videos. really doesn't miss you when it comes to serving you in their hottest segment with the best porn. Other than that, you should expect to see some pretty cool videos all over the website. Although there are still not so many options to access the platform, there are always the basics here. You should go down to the bottom of the page and use the arrows and page numbers to access the site. You might also go to the last tab to see what is at the end of it.

The design and features

Using the Tags system is another way that you can sort through the content. On, there are so many tags available that it just isn't a joke. It's better than any portion of the genre you see on other websites and they're very well ordered in alphabetical order according to their name. This is what I wish more places will do now. In addition, it is packed in a really cool and sleek style that I didn't really have the opportunity to chat about. So now let's learn about that. I sure really dig what this website looks like. It also seems very good and minimalistic, even with its vivid backdrop. I think a dark backdrop should have been used and it would have looked much better, but oh well. You do have some really good visuals and some really smooth animations that don't distract you too much. All the corners are nice and squared, so you can hope to get a very nice graphical experience. There are no rough edges, it just looks sleek and sweet.

Awesome previews

What's even more significant is that when you mouse over the file thumbnails, you even have video samples. The videos will show you the real porn clips and you will be able to determine if this video is right for you immediately. You're not going to have to waste much time, and you're going to be able to find out your favourite get-go video. If you are trying to watch more than one porn video at the moment, you can even open up a few windows.


On, one thing you might find irritating is that most advertisements here are timed. That means that after a few seconds have elapsed, you will not be able to close them. This could mean 5 seconds or even more often. If the commercials weren't too damn loud when they're just before a video starts, this wouldn't be such a big deal. But overall I think is a place worth exploring, mainly because it's so easy and available. Its accessibility allows some of the finest porn to be brought to you without having to focus on a cluster of links to direct you around the website. Typically, porn tube pages have this wrong, but knows what's up and it will always be there for you.

What We Like At Sexu:
+ Clean and easy to navigate
+ Updates
+ Nice pornstar section
+ Big and quality thumbs
What We Don't Like At Sexu:
- Ads and popups
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