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My adventures to find the best live cam sites never stops, but I will stop right here to let you all know about XLoveCam. Because when it comes to porn, yes, I do know a lot. XLoveCam has a lot to offer, but it won't appeal to all users. Mainly, xLoveCam is a great site for you if you are looking for cheap video chat rooms with stunning European women. This review will for sure help you if you should dig deep into this website, and let me tell you right off the bat, you should!

Is It Good?

XLoveCam has been around since 2006. They've undergone a lot of changes, but the basic layout remains the same. Join us, as we explore XLoveCam and share the valuable insights we have collected about the site over the years. The site might not have as many live amateur chat rooms as other sites, but the girls over here speak more languages on average.

Easy Access

The way this website works absolutely blows my mind. With a nice polish and friendly interface you will get used to XLoveCam in no time. On the first page, you will see a vast variety of models that are living at that moment. One of the features I would love every website of this kind to have is when I mouse over I will actually show the performer live, and even if I click on one of the models it does not take you to the next tab, instead, you get video poop out which is an amazing thing that will save you time and allow you to get to the business fast, because let's face it, your here to stroke one out, and that is totally fine, we all love it.

Video section

Next to live content you can also visit the XLoveCam's video section where you can find loads of live recorded shows for you to watch and enjoy. Most of the show is however marked for only VIP users, which means you need to purchase and spend credits in order for you to view them. A nice thing to all this is that all new accounts get one free VIP video voucher for you to use on any model you seem fitting.

Web Design

Site is very customizable to your liking. To the left of live thumbnails ( which again I found extremely helpful ), you will find a vertical menu bar, offering every option you might need. Viewing models you added to your favourites list, checking out models you recently viewed, changing the size of display thumbnails, and also an option for you to upload your profile photo, wink. Next to that, you can also sort by new models, votes, number of rates, number of fans the model has, content that is in HD. Not only that you can also be on the same side of the page, but there is also an advanced search bar, where you can try and find anything you feel desire. From loads of different categories for you to filter with, language, chat type, eye colour, age, hair, body type, sex parts, sex toys, height, it is, indeed one of the most advanced searches I have used. The rest of the site's menu bar is your message centre, where you can interact with girls or see any messages you send on the website. Also, your favourite models will be there, and also how much credit you have left, and also add more if you want to.

Using a Smartphone is Smart

Using XLoveCam with your smartphone is an awesome experience, where the mobile interface looks good and polished, and cam quality is as good as it is on your desktop computer. Also like on your PC, you can get a quick live look at the model by tapping the camera icon, as this feature is not available on some of the other mobile sites, it is a good thing.

Wide Selection of HD Live Cams

Most of the performers have access to HD cameras, even though I had some amazing experiences with lower quality camera models, I usually go with higher quality ones, because there is no extra payment for you if you want to go private with the girl.

You Are In Control

What I really, really love about XLoveCam is how it will make you feel in control. Like how you can control beautiful girls toys and vibrators with your tips, you can also control every aspect of the website without any problems.

Low Per-Minute Rates Will Save Money

The girls seem to set their own per-minute price, and while some are on the pricier side, almost all of them fall within the same range which is about $1.50-$2.50/minute. That’s a good price point, especially when you add in how gorgeous and willing these cam girls are. You’ll be so lost in their beauty that you won’t notice the time ticking by, but with the low rates, it won’t be an issue. You can see why I keep coming back to XLoveCam.

Any More Features?

XLoveCam has a unique Loves ranking system. Each guest can virtually send Love to any of the online cam girls by giving 1 Love in the free chat sessions (you'll notice a Lovers button above the chatbox). You're at liberty to give your virtual Loves to as many online models as you please, but only once per 24 hours to the same model. Another unique feature to xLoveCam is live actions. It is basically a tip menu built directly into the site. You click the corresponding icon to get the girl to do what you want. There are icons to go topless, put on heels, blow a kiss, and much more. It is up to each model, to decide what actions to have, and how much to charge for them.


While XLoveCam is not top tier cam site, it has a lot of features and offers where you can go cheap for live amateur sex cam. Videos and shows load quickly, and most of the time are very at good quality. Models speak a lot of languages, so it's a nice thing it's not only English involved.

While nobody can guarantee you finishing the job and getting your fantasies satisfied, I can bet XLove cam will try its 100% to help you out in that. Live chat support is also very good and will assist you in any of your problems. I recommend XLoveCam to its teeth, and it quickly became one of my favourite live cam sites to visit at any given time.

What We Like At Xlovecam:
+ Private shows are affordable
+ Lots of live cams
+ Great mobile experience
What We Don't Like At Xlovecam:
- More HD cam shows
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