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Meeting girls and having sex has been extremely hard for the last year. The pandemic of the Corona virus has crippled us and banned us from places like nightclubs, discotheques (even though I don't know if these places are even called like this), and many restaurants and public places where you can actually meet real sexy women. Of course, you can roam the streets and approach women but they will always think you are weird and kinky for doing that. However, not everything is lost in the world of sex. There are places where you can meet real women and watch them do all kinds of kinky shit - the internet. Yes, my friend! You have been watching movies and TV series for too long and now is the time to do something that is actually good for you. Today, we will show you a website where you can chat with a bunch of women, enter a private room with them, and watch them undress, masturbate, and what more. The site's name rings a bell - Chaturbate. Let's see how awesome this place is!

Chat plus Masturbate equals Chaturbate

Of course, there are thousands of similar sites like Chaturbate and we have to point one thing out - this site is not a dating site! You cannot enter this place and expect to meet a girl or a model who will go out with you and let you buy her dinner to get her in bed. No, this is a sex cam site and girls come here to earn money by getting naked and flirting with you. Of course, you can always ask them in a private room to meet up, but that shit rarely happens. Still, it's worth a shot!

Chaturbate might be one of the most popular sex cam sites to date next to xCams and Live Jasmin. This is a place that has millions of users and thousands of incredible models every year. On this site, you don't have to only focus on the female models. You can choose between male, female, trans, and couples so we are sure that Chaturbate has something for everyone. I am sure that everyone knows how a sex cam site functions and all of them are equally similar and different at the same time. Therefore, buckle up! Let's see how to start this bad boy.

Free Account And Non-Free Tokens

Essentially, Chaturbate works like every other big and serious cam sex site in the world. You can create a free account that allows you to send messages to models, enter a live chat room, a private chat room, and do whatever you want to do on this site. You cannot do any of these things before you make an account and the best thing about it is that you don't have to pay a dime for the creation of your account. Still, if you don't want to spend any money on Chaturbate, your experience will be pretty limited.

If you wish to enjoy this site the way it was meant to be enjoyed, you need to spill some greens. Namely, every sex cam site has a currency of its own. On Chaturbate, that is tokens. Tokens are the only thing that is valued on this site and without them, you can enjoy only the public chat rooms. Hey, don't get me wrong! You may end up seeing some really great shit in a public room. I clicked on a random user and when it opened a public chat room, a couple was banging hard from behind.

Of course, on the right, you can see the chat with many users online there who are just showering them with tokens because they don't want them to stop fucking. Still, if you are searching for a girl on Chaturbate, you have thousands of models to choose from. When you find a girl, she will usually be dressed and teasing only in the public chat room. When you take her to the private room, she will begin doing the things you want for a certain price. Your generosity will not go unrewarded on Chaturbate so the more tokens you give, the better show you will get.

Tokens Require Real Money To Purchase

Usually, shows and models require payments per minute in their chat room and private room. On Chaturbate, you have prices that go from 6 tokens a minute until 90 tokens per minute. Remember, you don't have to spend any money on Chaturbate because the account is being made for free and you can enter public chat rooms for free, and even to chat with the models that way. But the real deal comes when you enter a private room. For this feat, you will need tokens because there is no other way to do that. Let's see how much money you need for tokens on this site:

100 tokens - $10.99

200 tokens - $20.99

500 tokens - $44.99

As you can see, the tokens are not that expensive. If you want to take an ordinary show with one cute model that charges 6 tokens per minute, you can include more than 80 minutes for under 50 bucks, which is not a bad price. But, remember, you need to be generous. The more you tip her, the better show she will give you. So, it can all get very pricey on this site if you decide to have excellent fun.

On this site, you can choose three different types of memberships. The first one is Free Membership. This is when you don't pay for anything and just enjoy the free stuff. The second one is the paid membership with the token prices as above. And the last one is the Spy option. For a certain amount of tokens, you can enter some private chat rooms without people knowing that and spy on them.


As you can see, Chaturbate is the real deal! Whether you wish to enjoy it for free or to pay and get tokens to take it to the next level, you will not make a mistake. The mixture of chatting and masturbating has never been so good!

Here's another review of Chaturbate from Paul's favorite list.

What We Like At Chaturbate:
+ Girls are really beautiful
+ Lots of live cams
+ Buy some tokens and watch babes
What We Don't Like At Chaturbate:
- Dark mode option needed
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