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Hey mate, are you ready for some jerk sessions? Today, I will be speaking of one amazing place, like none other on the web! We are all aware that most of the time spent on porn sites goes to the standard porn action! When I say standard, I mean hardcore fuck scenes from the best porn studios on the web! So, most of the time, we are just silent observers, having no influence on the scene and actors whatsoever! But, what if that can be changed? What if I told you that there is a niche in the porn industry where everything depends on you? The niche that will bring a totally new perspective of porn fun to all of you! And why do we need that? Let me tell you why: all these same kinds of porn consuming can bore us and we can lose interest in normal stuff and go to some darker and more extreme places! And most of us don't want that to happen! For example, if you watch the same porn tube with 5 different actresses for a month, you will lose interest in them, right? Then, you will turn to some BDSM action, nasty shit, and stuff like that! Okay, that's not so bad you may think! But what happens when that bores you too? You can't even imagine how bad stuff can become, so listen to what I have to say about this! A good portion of the mix is the best thing in life! That stands for porn too! So, what is the best way to mix up your porn life? Add some fucking sex cam action to it! And to be honest, one of the best places for that is my today's topic, JerkMate! This cam site is off the charts and if you want to find out more about it, follow me...

So, what's so special about JerkMate:

Let's begin with a short look back at sex cams sites just a few years ago! You turn your cam on, type on the chat what you want for the girl, and she delivers, that simple! But, recently, the world of porn got richer for one amazing gadget - a VR headset and everything changed! Now, when I think of interactive porn action, the VR set is what first comes to my mind! But, I don't have one, so, am I in trouble? Actually, with JerkMate, there is no trouble at all! As a matter of fact, all of you should give JerkMate a chance! This place has a whole lot of great girls on it, and the way it works is so much different from every other live sex cam website out there! So, what's a big deal here? Why is JerkMate so special? Well, the thing is that you get to be the cam model and the person who jerks off to cam models at the same time! Yeah, that's right! I know you are eager to hear more, so let's move on:

The way things works at JerkMate:

The first thing you want to do here is to create a proper introduction of yourself and that can be a pretty hard thing to do! But, don't worry, the guys from JerkMate got you covered! The site will provide you with your own, personal assistant to help you out with every single detail! What a nice thing to have, shout out to these guys! While making your statement, you will be asked what do you prefer, guys or girls! There is no any kind of age or legal questions here, just straight into the point! It's a bit weird, but it's how it is! Based on the stats, I know that most of you will choose the option on the right, Woman, and just about then, the magic happens! In normal circumstances, you should not be able to see models or any kind of action, but here, on JerkMate, you will see a lot of beautiful girls and models! And yeah, one thing poked my eye here! The models are gorgeous! And one big plus is that you can choose your favorite models, and each time they are online, you will be notified about it!

Play with the pornstar feature!

If you want to fully unlock all the benefits of JerkMate, you will have to create an account, which is totally ok and common, but there is one thing I saw here that made my cock rock hard! I found the pornstar section in the header and when I clicked it, I saw some of the most wanted babes in there! To be specific, I saw Bridgette B and I immediately went to her profile page! And man, what a profile page that is! You can read about a pornstar, her full biography, and details about height, weight, hair color, eye color, ethnicity, cup size, and much more! But, that's not the main thing here! The main thing is the play with the Bridgette B feature! Trust me, you don't want to miss this! The interactive game between her and you! Crazy! And not only her, but you can also choose Adriana Chechik, Avery Black, Jade Kush, Daisy Stone, and many others.

The interface and layout are looking dope and are really easy to use!

One more important thing about JerkMate is the simplicity of the site and ease of use! The site logo and several options such as Cams, Pornstars, Blog, About, Create my account, and Login button can be found in the header and everything else is devoted to cam girls! I have to mention that the categories and filters bar can be found on the left-hand side of the page.


If you are aiming to mix your sex life a bit with some nice sex cam action, JerkMate is the right place!

With that simple interface, a lot of cool options, and stunning models, this place represents a perfect cam site for all the lovers of this niche! So, bring it on! 

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What We Like At Jerkmate:
+ Clean and sexy design
+ Sexiest model ever
+ The interface and layout are great
What We Don't Like At Jerkmate:
- Missing dark mode option
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