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Do you remember those mixed avatar games that used to crop up in the mid-2000s all the time? They fuckin' were everywhere. Ernya, Gaia, Cadon, and Solia. They never had porn or something in them, but it didn't stop cybering in the middle of the game's public hangout spaces for those horny, confused people there. Oh, the happy days of the old. But maybe perhaps better days lie ahead.

About is where you'll find Yareel, the game I'm going to be watching. To make this game run, you may need to use Unity's web player, but that's not a big deal. Installing and getting it running is fast. Per month, Yareel's site brings in around 300,000 visitors. The metric is not, for this location, an exact science. It's a game that can be downloaded, but the amount doesn't take into account the horny fucks who have downloaded this game already. And the platform itself has been around since 2013, although, again, prior to that, the game may have been hosted elsewhere. The platform revealed at the time of play that approximately 400 players were already online. Not a big number, but surely enough for some sexy roleplay to get down there.

The game

You install it like you would any other game on your computer once you download the game. From there, log in or sign up. It's quick to sign up. You assign a username to yourself, choose your gender, and write down what your sexual preference is. Just fast. First, for what kind of hot shit you're trying to get down on, you fill out this form. You have more vanilla choices like slow and sensual sex, rough and fast fucking, joint masturbation; then you've got more kinky shit like pegging, latex, bondage, and exhibitionism. To get the most choices out of the game, I chose all, but you can pick as little or as many of the options as you want. You'll customize your avatar next time. Body, suits, cosmetics, and all that crap. Although I did not see any general physique choices or anything like that. But where credit is due, I'll offer credit. How big your cock is or what cup size you have, you can customize. Ultimately, a game where I can portray how hung I am in real life. It's a step in the right direction, even though the avatar really doesn't do it justice. Plus, it helps all the less endowed dudes out there to get a glimpse of the other side. When you're finished playing dress-up, you should start getting laid out there. With another actual human out there, you get matched up. Yeah, that means you've got to talk to someone, really. I know you all beta fucks out there couldn't speak to a girl about going out with you for dinner, let alone get laid. But think of this as a job for practice. You start off in bed, and at whatever rate you both want, you can chat and get frisky. Usually, it begins with some light conversation and kissing, then goes on to foreplay and fucking deeply. There's stuff like femdom, exotic roles, and other cool poses to test out once you get the poses unlocked. Depending on your sexual desires, you'll get paired with someone, and both of you have to commit to a role before your avatars start fucking. So, you're never going to have to deal with being put in a situation in which you wouldn't be happy. You can modify how fast or slow you want it to be until you're in a position. Give your partner an extreme face fuck and get a sweet, sensual blowjob or pick up the pace. Anything you'd like. When you get the hang of it, the multiple targets the game offers you can be tackled. Stuff such as the number of orgasms completed, days played in a row and other milestones such as those that reward you with experience and award you coins in multiple categories. Coins can be used to unlock new positions, purchase new clothing, and do stuff in-game, such as purchasing people's drinks at the bar. You can only buy the coins with actual money if you like but screw that. Via your romantic escapades with unknown strangers, half the fun is racking up the dosh. On the same point, if you pay a monthly subscription fee, there is a VIP option that gives you more coins, special clothing, and better incentives.

Great mobile app

I was shocked to learn that the game has its own smartphone Android app. Generally, bigger games like this stick to the desktop, but this one goes the extra mile! And it is also a nice app. You will be able to log in and enjoy the entire game on the go. It looks like a fairly normal avatar game on your forehead. So, if you stick to chat rooms, then you could potentially be able to get away with playing in public. Just make sure you don't bring anybody back to your house, or your phone will fuck everyone over you with your loud fucking blast. Or, you know, if you want a bit of danger in your life, play with headsets.


Overall, if you're a fan of avatar-based gaming at all, then you're fucking going to love It has all the best features avatar games have, but with lots of kinky sex, it's easy. When your avatars go at it, you will meet actual living and breathing people and share some naughty cyber sex with them. It's a novel idea that was pretty darn well executed. You have to do it. I say you don't have to risk anything but your time. Go over and have kinky fun at!

What We Like At Yareel:
+ Fuck in different ways
+ Download, login and play
+ Site design
+ Yareel tweets
+ Mobile is great
What We Don't Like At Yareel:
- Must login to play
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