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Okay, my dear porn lover, hello, and welcome to the presentation of one amazing site! Yeah, porn site, of course, but not something you are used to! Before getting into this place, I want to ask you a few questions: first of all, are you getting bored by regular porn action! Think again! I bet you do! If not now, you will definitely be bored in some time... So, what can you do to avoid that? First of all, you can mix things up a bit! For example, watch some premium content, then some amateur site, then some live cams, you got the point! But, there is one more place to find the oasis of porn piece, sort of saying! Okay, cut the bullshit, I got carried away! I'm talking about Porn Game sites! Have you ever tried it? If not, I warmly recommend you to! Today, I will be speaking of one awesome porn game site named Nutaku, and a super interesting game Fap CEO! 
If you have ever fantasized about running your own video-chat studio or even becoming the top of the food-chain and building an empire in this market, then this is the game for you. Fap CEO will take you through the many steps it takes to make it from the bottom to the top in this sizzling adult industry. Are you ready to start walking on this path? Follow me!

If you like hentai and games, check Nutaku!

Do you like microtransactions? How about Hentai? Games perhaps? Well, combine that all and you will get a Fap CEO! This is a clicker game that is reminiscent of the Clicker Hero craze but we can say an adult version of this game. It’s like the creators of this game played Clicker Hero and saw that hot cat monster, and then decided to make a game that’s all about tits and spending money. YOu have to give them big applause for that, right? I mean, we all like big tits and spending money, so this game has a bright future, right?

So, what is the main theme of this Fap CEO?

So, you start off with a busty hot secretary, and she immediately shows you all of her assets. And man, she has a lot to offer! A nice pair of tits, a shaved twat, you can't go wrong with her. She’s going to automatically generate money for you and you’re gonna get rich off of her just by idling around the office. Don’t forget to do CEO stuff while you’re here. You know, things like looking at your email and getting hot nudes from your employees. The game conveniently has all of the pics that you get in these emails saved in a special gallery that you can access in the top right corner. 
Following me? Okay, let's move on! Now, you have a company set up, you have a fap stash in place,you for your secretary with big tits… What’s next? Well, any good employee will look for more employees of course! Now, while you do earn money automatically, you can also speed this up by using the employees when they have private shows available. As their Fap CEO your obligation is to help them perform. You’re going to do this by clicking repeatedly on them and this will of course… Aid them? It doesn’t matter, what matters is that your bank is filling up with fat stacks of cash. 

Now, when you have money, what's next?

After you’ve got a bit of money going for you it’s time to hire your second employee. And who could possibly be better for the job than a… Schoolgirl, lapdancer, slutty babe in sexy outfit. Great. Honestly, you will all agree that this is just what the company needs. Every single company in the world! Unexperienced sexy workers. And look, her first picture for you is so tame it’s a complete waste of time. She doesn’t show anything in this one but her panties. What the hell is this softcore bull? Oh alright, it doesn’t matter, after all, we can just reply again to her and get the next picture and-  not, you only get two replies and then you have to wait for them to recharge. You can always buy them, but come on… Really? Are you crazy enough to pay real money for some hentai stuff? Yeah, the art of Hentai used here is just amazing, but again, I won't pay for it! So, I was satisfied with two replies! You can do the same or change the approach, you choose!

Don't worry, this is not the only scenario for you at Fap CEO!

If this typical office setting is not for you, you will be able to progress to different new exotic locations that may fit more with your brand and personality. You will get a wide selection of models to choose from and many of whom are willing to get it on with the boss to show what kind of sexy skills they bring to the table. You will be rewarded with over 100 hot scenes that will have you wanting to advance through the game as fast as possible. The possibilities and outcomes are literally limitless, and if you ask me, that's the best thing about Fap CEO as there are over 200 naughty tales to tease and please your many senses. FapCEo will give you the opportunity to hire different hot babes all the while getting to know their unique stories and unlocking awesome hentai content. As you make money, they make money and that means they will be very loyal and turned on by their boss. Eventually when you become an industry leader, you can look to sell your company for a huge profit and then move on to starting your next company, there's no reason the fun has to end. Your glamorous cam-girls will also come and go giving you the ability to have access to a huge number of talented females all willing to show their loyalty to their boss in every way possible. 

In the end, FapCEO is an excellent porn game

This kind of porn action might be new to you, but trust me, once you start playing this phenomenal game, you will never stop! Enjoy!

What We Like At NutakuFapCeo:
+ Great site design
+ Lots of game characters to play
What We Don't Like At NutakuFapCeo:
- Noope, nothing found
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