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Trap Quest!  So, if you support Trap Quest, you're going to be able to play this grown-up game now, I suppose you can if you don't support the game, but you just don't have that many features. I don't know how the Trap Quest help stuff works, it's sort of complicated, but I'm going to break down the shit in a bit. Trap Quest is shaping up to be a fun looking adult game so far! TrapQuest is anything but an easy video game, which is perfect with no plot at all. Enjoyment is assured, especially if up to now you have been playing lame sex games. Without a question, TrapQuest is going to be a breath of fresh air for you!

It's free, but you can support it if you want!

The game is free, but if you go to the creator's Patreon website and donate, you can get a little more. Depending on the price you purchase, you can get exclusive access to the newest game edition, illustrations, and other fun benefits. I would have, except this month I spent all my allowances on a series of suggestive body pillows of all Persona's hotties. I love the one on my Futaba. She's a cute kid like that. I can't get her and her lovely, suckable toes enough.

The website

The site itself has a nice dark theme and style, but because I want to talk about a sexy game, I'm not going to get too hard on it. You will read updates, developer schedules, enter a discord on the website, fap to art galleries, read the wiki, search the subreddit, review the source code, read a quick introduction to the game, email the team and download the game. A version of the game that goes back a month or two to the latest creation is free to download and enjoy.

About the game

Basically, Trap Quest is a text-based game, and the main purpose of the game is to turn it as far as possible. You get a single character to control, and as this character becomes the first tester in a virtual reality game, the plot kicks off. This game is developed by a corporation called Nintendolls, and you are brought to a virtual reality chamber when you arrive at the Nintendolls facility. When all is done, the business owner tells you that, to say the least. If you actually beat the game, Nintendo will get rid of the blindly signed contract you signed. When this deal is broken up, though, you will be paid a hefty amount of money. They need a sexy showgirl, literally, because they're trying to turn you into a showgirl, so if you don't let them do it by enjoying the sport very well, then you can keep your weight the size it is, and you can even get some cash out of it, which would be great if it weren't for the painful ordeal that your hero should have to go through. In the game, the mechanics are pretty flipping nuts, to be frank. For example, you can set traps and things like that, a specific fighting method, and you need to handle your level of embarrassment as you fight, so you need to handle your fatigue and your levels of arousal as well. You may even run out of health, of course, which I think should be your primary concern. Your clothes may become cursed and ruined, so every now and then you are given the choice to bless them or to improve their longevity. Your character will still get hungry and thirsty, so you can get some snacks, some drinks for your character, and you are also offered the option of using potions to cure yourself. These potions, though, do not necessarily have beneficial effects on you, so make sure you chose the best ones.

The future is looking promising

While the game is not completely balanced like many rogue-like games on the internet are, the game maker appears to be working on the game day and night to ensure that the player gets the best experience out of it. It's a little rough around the edges, but over time it gets easier, so you might tell the game is actually worth playing. I'll say it again, however: this game is obviously not meant for anyone, seeing as your character is forced to do too many humiliating things in the game over and over again, things that would make you want to get drugged out of your mind if they happened in real life to you. The game is also insanely addictive.

Currently only on PC

The mobile app doesn't have anything to say. Often because one isn't present. The game is still being created, so you won't get some kind of finished smartphone app to take with you on the go. That would be amazing though. Until you check out the profile page for your Waifu cutie, the game is not crazy lewd looking. But you will actually get away with playing this in public without a problem back then. Hopefully, there'll even be a kinky smartphone app for it until the team completes the desktop version!


Overall, a fun, free to play, erotic text adventure game is TrapQuest that I can't recommend enough. It's easy to get the hang of, and for days, I might fap to the hot explanations and scenes. It's fun to play the game. The mechanics make sense and the game is only in beta, and there are hundreds of hours of content to try! As the production goes forward, I can't wait to see what kinky things they come up with. Check it out and enjoy it for free at while you still can.

What We Like At Trapquest:
+ Free to play
+ Interesting story
What We Don't Like At Trapquest:
- Complicated for playing
- Not for mobile
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