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Hello, my dear porn-loving friends! Today, I want to share some of my latest thoughts with you! Of course, I will not be speaking about some TV show or latest showbiz stuff, I will be speaking about the only thing I know in my life; Porn! How many times do you watch porn on a monthly basis? Okay, bad question! How many times do you watch porn on a daily basis? Yeah, several, I know! But, I have to disappoint you, man! I have to tell you one awful truth about constant porn consumption! It gets boring! Yeah, so fucking boring! How's that even possible? Well, let me explain it in one example! Let's say you love anal sex, and you are willing to pay for the best porn action! What happens then? Well, you watch a lot of anal scenes with stunning babes! But, after some time, everything starts to look alike! And you don't even care if the babe is hot or not, you don't even get turned on by it... That's the moment when you can be in a big problem! Don't tell me I'm talking bullshit, I've felt this on my own skin! So, what do we need to do to avoid this? Well, we need to mix things up! Anal, which I took, for example, is a narrow field of expertise, sort of saying... But, everything works as I described above. So, that can relate to porn in general, premium porn sites, and so on... 

Now, having all this said, it's a perfect time to present to you one awesome escape place! It is called Streamate and you will love it! So, let's start with the review:

What is Streamate and what can you find there?

As I mentioned above, this is a webcam site! But, there is some question that demands answers before we get deeper into the story! Let's say that you're curious how Streamate works. You probably want to know if you can trust these people or if they are thieves of the night. Who can blame you, with so many scams on the Internet, it's always a good idea to see what other people's experiences are. So, let me tell mine! 

Streamate is a nude chat and webcams adult site and the company itself is based in Seattle Washington. Right off the bat, I'm going to tell you that you can get a full 10% back of every dollar sent on this site if you use it long enough. Streamate offers this to all users and it's just one of many reasons why so many people love the adult cams here.

Sure there are opportunities to improve, like everything else in life, but all in all, I can say this is one of the best live sex cam sites in America. Find you why!

Streamate is 100% legit!

This is a really important fact! We live in a world where nothing should be taken for granted, and everything should be double-checked if you ask me! Considering this place, the bottom line is that Streamate has earned this status by providing value to users! All kinds of men, women, and couples enjoy this place every day for more than 20 years now. In 2021 they will celebrate their 24th anniversary. How awesome is that? So, for those of you wondering if Streamate is a scam, don't worry! It's 100% legit and safe! 

What can you expect to find here?

The main question each of you wants to ask me now is what can you expect here! Well, all you need to know is that Streamate features 24 hours non-stop live amateur webcam girls, all of whom are 18+. The site offers models from all corners of the world and powers some of the most famous tube sites! What does that mean? In simple words, sites like YouPorn, RedTube, and other major traffic destinations all refer to this site. 

Streamate Costs to Go Private with Cam Girls

You can have a lot of free fun here, but if you want to enjoy private shows with sexy cam girls, you will have to pay! I think this is totally fair! Moreover, the price per minute for private shows starts at just $0.99 (ninety-nine cents) a minute which is far less expensive than any other adult webcam site. Regarding the selection of models, there are literally over 24,000 women on this site that model both part-time and full-time. Speaking of variety!

One more plus for Streamate:

As far as I can tell, based on my vast experience, you won't find a site with more high-definition adult webcam shows either since more models from first-world countries use this site. The clarity or crispness of images, as well as the sound quality at this site, make for a great overall user experience, and can not be found anywhere else!

All Streamate models will go private, unlike token cam sites!

I really like the fact that there are no restrictions when it comes to models willing to go private! That is the entire focus of this webcam site! You can do a lot of good stuff here with no money at all, but if you want something special, you will have to pay, which is totally understandable! 

Fun Fact: Streamate platform has more American porn stars on webcams than all other sites combined!!!

Your payment info is 100% safe!

You can trust Streamate with your credit card information on file. Safety, security, and privacy are all placed above everything at Streamate as the site makes literally tens of millions of dollars each year so they have too much to lose to screw you over. 


If you are into webcam sites, or you just want to mix your porn life a bit, Streamate is the place you don't want to miss! Visit them now, check these stunning models, and have fun in their private shows! If you have never tried it, try it now, trust me, you will be stunned!

What We Like At Streamate:
+ Beautiful girl
+ Free live shows
+ More than 24K girls
What We Don't Like At Streamate:
- Looking...
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