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Let's face it, we all want superpowers. When we were younger (or not), we used to imagine that we could fly, be invisible, invincible, etc. However, when you started getting some pussy, the priorities changed and the choice of superpowers got a little bit different. Every straight man on this earth would love to have the power of submission. In short, everyone would like to have girls as their slaves who would do anything we tell them. That is a thought that is still obsessing many men and it would be one hell of an asset to have. Hypnosis porn and submission is not new in the porn industry. It has been around for a long time as one of the kinky fetish porn genres where women are mere toys to the will of men. They are submissive and hypnotized to do anything those lucky men want them to do. If you like what you see here, you will be happy to watch porn movies on a site called FreeUsePorn. It is a sort of a hypnosis porn site where hot girls are being rid of their own free will and they completely obey the will of their men. The best thing of all, it is completely free. Let's see what this site has to offer.

Thousands Of Hypnotized Girls Having Sex With Their Masters

When it comes to kinky sex and fetish porn genres, hypnosis porn takes a high place in the hearts of porn lovers. The mere idea of having absolute power over hot girls is so satisfying that it will make your dick hard even before seeing any movies on this site. There are many porn sites like this and we are here to see what makes FreeUsePorn different and exceptional.

When it comes to the scenes choice, you will have a wide array of categories to choose from. There are thousands upon thousands of porn videos, shorter and longer, where girls are being fucked and dominated by men and other women. Sometimes, a dominant woman wants another girl to trib or lick her pussy and she will use her persuasive powers to get what she wants. The slave girls always deliver the right punch.

Some of the hottest and not usual categories that you will find on FreeUsePorn are the Mind Control and Time Stop categories. Namely, mind control is when a dude gets to control the mind and the body of a woman and she becomes his subordinate obeying his every order. On the other hand, time stop is a fascinating category where the men freeze women in time and then they can use them however they want. If you came to UseFreePorn to get excited, you definitely will.

Movies Are HD And They Can Be Really Long

When it comes to sites like this, you will get a real free porn tube vibe. It looks like that as well with a lot of thumbnails on the homepage. They will show you the preview and the title which is really self explanatory. For example, there is one video called “Mind control office slut” and another called “Training how never to disappoint your boss”. So, you can expect a lot of office sex with hypnosis and submission. Also, one category that stands out is the Japanese submission. We already know that Japanese and Asian girls don't need hypnosis to be submissive but they do it anyway.

Other categories that you can expect on FreeUsePorn are Forced, Glory Hole, Ignored Sex, and many others. Forced sex is probably the most hardcore category on this site where the girls are acting that they are not being fucked willingly. These scenes can really wake the maniac inside of you so take care. Also, Ignored Sex is an interesting category where the girls are behaving as though nothing is happening. It is as you are invisible and you are fucking them, but they probably think it is a mosquito bite. This site is really something else.

Interface And Usage Are Really Simple

Since the site looks and behaves like the free porn tube, you can expect a similar experience like on any other porn site from that group. You can watch videos from the homepage where you can see the newest ones and the most popular ones. You can choose the categories you wish to watch from the left side of the screen or you can use the well-known search option at the top. The background of FreeUsePorn is perfect for watching hypnosis porn at night. It is dark and stylish with pinkish details that fit the scene perfectly.

What is interesting about this site is that there is not really a page with all the videos included like on many other websites. You can get to watch more than 1,500 videos on it and they are all categorized which is your best bet to find what you are looking for. The videos are pretty long and they come in HD quality. They play with no buffering and there are no ads to cut the streaming and ruin your experience.

This site, however, is not devoid of ads. The moment you enter it for the first time, you will see a sexy babe dancing on her own in the lower left corner of the screen. These babes will change and they will lead you to the specific video page. On the homepage, there are also general links to other porn sites which are the friends of FreeUsePorn. Since it is a free porn site, this is how it makes money so don't be a bitch about it.


Hypnosis and submission porn is a popular fetish category that many people love to watch and wank off to. FreeUsePorn will give you thousands of free porn videos where the hottest girls are being played like with a remote controler. Watch the lucky dudes do whatever they want with them and enjoy the free content. Don't worry, you won't get hypnotized!

What We Like At Freeuseporn:
+ Best pornstars
+ Long videos
+ Responsive site
What We Don't Like At Freeuseporn:
- Some videos are low quality
- Updates
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