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A fetish is defined as “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.” There are many fetishes in the porn world and usually, people cannot help but feel weak towards a certain body part or a particular object. Sometimes the high heels are so addictive, sometimes toes and feet, and yet sometimes pantyhose and stockings. These objects and body parts can make a man go crazy oftentimes without a real explanation or reason. You are simply drawn and addicted to them. Well, fetishes are understood in the porn world and they are a welcome part of every movie. Today, we are bringing you one of the milder fetish sites - Stocking-Tease.

Let The Name Speak Its Story

Just like you would have guessed, Stocking-Tease is a fetish porn site that is dedicated to women wearing stockings. Now, there is an important difference between stockings and pantyhose, so don’t mix them up. Stockings go on both legs individually and yes, they are sexy as hell. We don’t know if this is a real fetish but there is no man on this earth who doesn’t think stockings are sexy. Especially if they have lace or garters, I mean, come on! There is no point in taking them off during sex, they are there to spice things up. However, Stocking-Tease is a porn site that is dedicated to teens, babes, and MILFs wearing stockings and having sex in them.

What Kind Of Porn Is There?

Girls can wear stockings in every possible scenario. To that point, you will find extremely hardcore movies on this site such as BDSM, bondage, and even torture. Of course, in those movies, no one is really hurt badly. Pain is a type of pleasure and it is all mediated and controlled in these scenes so pull your pants up! Also, on Stocking-Tease, you will find literally every porn genre available in the books. Also, the sub-genres are available and they are creamy and sassy as fuck. Everything from lesbian porn, masturbation, to straight, gay, and transsexual porn is available on this site.

The strongest side of this site is its porn directory. It is a huge one and it numbers amazing 44,000,000+ videos. Yeah, that is 44 million videos! Also, that is just the number of straight porn movies. You can check the gay field and a trans field and altogether you will have more than 56 million movies. Now, that is a freaking huge number of movies, and no wonder that this site has many members and visitors every month. These many videos with girls wearing stockings are absolutely fantastic!

How Does It Work?

Stocking-Tease doesn’t own any of the videos on there. It is a free porn tube and you can watch all of its videos for free. That is the real beauty of this site. It offers a huge number of videos and they are all for free. However, you would need 10 lifetimes to watch them all and even more because the site updates almost every day. As we had said, this site doesn’t own any of these videos. When you click on a video, you get redirected to the original site where the video is located. That is why this site works somewhat like an affiliate site, it serves as a gateway to all these other porn tubes where the videos are located. Still, it is a marvelous job to put together a list of 56 million videos altogether.

This site does give you some initial information, to begin with. If you know where to look, you will not be surprised by the site you will get redirected to. Namely, every video on this site will show you a couple of interesting pieces of information. It will give you the rating of the video, when it was uploaded, its length, and the website where the original video can be found. This last piece of information is really tiny so many people don’t even see it. So, extra kudos to this site for bringing you all information at once.

Main Page And Other Options

Stocking-Tease, apart from being a free porn tube of stockings fetish porn, doesn’t work like your usual porn site. Usually, when you visit a porn tube, you get greeted by all the videos at once on the main page. They are scattered and you can search for them or just roam the main page until you find the ones you like. On Stocking-Tease however, the main page doesn’t bring you videos, but it brings you categories. There are 200+ categories of porn on this site and every category has a lot of videos (56 million, remember?). When you click on a certain category, another page of videos opens and now you can see them for what they truly are. One downside is that the videos don’t include previews so you can only see the thumbnail and not some other specific parts of the video.

Also, this site offers other options as well. You can search the videos by Categories, Pornstars, Popular Videos, New Videos, and Top Rated Videos. All of these options include many different forms and search opportunities that will make your head dizzy. But, choose your favorites and let the party begin. Also, Stocking-Tease is just one website in a network of 9 sites. They include places like FUQ, iXXX, TubeGalore, and many others. Together with these sites, you can expect hundreds of millions of porn videos which is a fantastic feat.


If you like stockings and you admit it is the fetish you like, you will adore Stocking-Tease. This free tube offers tens of millions of porn videos where the girls wear and use stockings. This site doesn’t require registration or any payments. It is entirely free and it will bring you fantastic fun. Truth is that the videos are not located on this site so sometimes you will be surprised by an ad, but hey, nothing in life is perfect. Although Stocking-Tease comes painfully close.

What We Like At Stocking Tease:
+ Night mode
+ Large and quality thumbnails
+ More than 30 million videos
What We Don't Like At Stocking Tease:
- Some links may be spam
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