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Looking for a free MMO sex game like a club to meet and fuck? Lately, I have been delving a lot into the world of online porn games. You may already be aware of the fact that this is a new interest of mine for those of you who follow my reviews and that porn games have never really been my thing. In general, I am the kind of guy who likes to be direct and to the point with his porn.


One of the oldest MMOs in the adult world, the MMF Club has brought together a rather large and active community. Without creating a premium account, you can participate in this game for free and enjoy many functions. But you will unlock many characteristics once you go premium, which will make the gameplay more exciting and interactive with other players.

About the game

All you need to do to start playing the game is simply navigate your browser to and register as a user. This is a big plus for me because if I don't need to, I usually don't like to take up space on my hard drive, especially not for some porn game that I don't even know if it's going to be worth it or not. But MNF Club makes it easy for your browser to make all the gameplay happen; so far so good. MNFClub? Well, the description of the game they offer sums it up as such: "MNF Club is a sex game designed solely for adults that is massively multiplayer." Meet, chat and have virtual sex with a host of horny people from all over the world. With MNF Club, no additional software needs to be downloaded or installed. Right inside your web browser, our MNF MMO works and is FREE. The "Meet, chat as well as have sex with numbers of hungry folks from all over the globe" was what really caught my eye in that game description. This got me thinking instantly of the game, 3DxChat, that has the same basic notion (and they execute it perfectly). My first thought, with all this in mind, is that the MNF Club will have some very tough decisions to make. In my view, 3DxChat has kind of already perfected this sex gaming format, great graphics, VR compatibility, a huge user base, numerous huge worlds to explore, and extremely detailed, player-controlled sex scenes between avatars, so that's the standard to which I will always hold similar porn games, consciously or unconsciously.

The gameplay

I'm a bit underwhelmed by the graphics as soon as I start playing a game. They are reminiscent of something on Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis that I may have played... Very comic/cartoon book-y. But, I'm not an unreasonable guy. I'm willing to accept this as just the intended aesthetic that the developers of the game were trying to evoke. Plus, I know a lot of pornographers all over the world are really into this art style, so, whatever it is, I'll accept it. When you begin playing the game, the first thing they have you do is create your character. Cool. That makes sense. Select your gender, eye colour, eye shape, hairstyle/colour, face shape and choose an outfit from a limited number of options (you can pay for more later). You are ready to choose a world to visit once you have your avatar and, hopefully, start digitally fucking some hot cartoon babes. The Wild West-themed world I select, ready to find my sexy (reverse), cowgirl. One chick was there, so I tried to send her private messages. No reply. In the general chat for the level, I attempted to get her attention. No response either. I grew tired just aimlessly roaming around this (very small, I should note) level after a few minutes, so I went into the saloon, one of the few things you can do here. Besides that, with the porn to gaming ratio, I wasn't very impressed. As a virtual sex game, they advertise the game, but any "virtual sex" I encountered or witnessed just seemed like glorified cybersex. Two characters would stand side by side awkwardly and type what they were doing to the other one. Actual in-game sex did not occur. Not the one I saw, at least. There wasn't even an option (unless you might have to play for a while somehow and earn it? It just doesn't seem worth it if that's the case, though). That being said, MNF Club would be a great option if you don't mind the fact that you can't really do much in the way of real gameplay sex and you're just looking for a convenient way to meet online chicks who are down to have some cybersex. But, on the other hand, if you're hoping for something a little more graphic to enjoy (with a much larger user base) if you don't mind downloading it, I'd check out 3DxChat.

No Ads

Another advantage for team MNF Club is that the game (and website) is completely free of ads. The only kind of promotion you'll find is for their other games, and this just takes place in the text at the end of the page, so that an ad doesn't really have as much a useful resource to check other games out.


All in all, MNF Club will definitely do the trick if you want a fun place to run into real chicks to have text-based cyber-sex with. I would think of that as a game chat client, or perhaps a forum with an interactive video game. But there are definitely better ways to find a porn game that is more sooner audio-visually stimulating.

What We Like At Mnfclub:
+ Attractive site design
+ Lots of characters to play
+ No adds
What We Don't Like At Mnfclub:
- Graphics
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