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Wet Games with Pussy! Limits do not matter when it comes to the realm of online porn. New porn pages are not only created every day, but new ways of viewing porn are often invented all the time. Of course, this is the more common option of paying a monthly subscription fee to get access to all the material of a given studio. This is all too 20th century for others, however (not to mention this could end up costing you a pretty penny over time).

First impressions

If you click here to visit the Wet Pussy Games webpage, you can find that the first big portion of bulk content is dedicated to showing you the new games added to the website. Unfortunately, there are no dates attached to the player game pages, so I have no means of telling whether Wet Pussy Games launches new titles once a day or once a year! My estimation is somewhere between the two, but I'm not going to speculate all that much without quantitative details. You'll also note that Wet Pussy Games has parts of the web dedicated to 3D animations and hentai videos if you scroll down further: when you're finished gaming, this might be the go-to spot to get your hands on some great smut! A little longer, I'll be sure to take a look.

Hentai and games

Not unexpectedly, it also happens that porn games and hentai go hand in hand. To the point that hentai or manga porn are often sold by most porn gaming sites. It also seems to be the case that, in the form of animation and gameplay, most porn games are highly inspired by hentai. It's certainly not for me, but there seem to be a lot of you basement-dwelling porn users out there, so I think it's worth taking a look at from time to time at least. Not all porn gaming platforms are equivalent, as is the case for both porn sites and video games, respectively. Thanks to sites such as the aforementioned Nutaku and 3DxChat, both offering exceptionally high-quality gaming, as well as amazing in-game porn, the bar is, mind you, set incredibly high.


You can find the porn games categories available here along the left-hand side of each page. There are just a few simple ones, but I hope you're going to love the fact that in their little archive they have dress up, BDSM and action titles-Wet Pussy Games satisfies your taste no matter how you want to prepare your hentai games. The walkthrough page is one pretty cool thing I would like more sites to offer: if you're only trying to watch someone else play or need a little guidance to get past a particular point, this is the path forward for you. In reality, the new guide for Fallen: Makina and the City of Ruins lasts more than 5 hours, which is a lot of effort from the guy behind the gameplay, HornyToonDog. Hentai gaming enthusiasts just can't really get enough of figuring it out: it's part of what makes jerking off so damn pleasurable for anime.

The Games

Nakadashi Banzai was the first game I wanted to play: the artwork here was very good and the overall feel and polish of the finished product were awesome. It's a Hentai dating sim, so I hope you're down for convincing a bunch of barely legal shy, hot and busty brats to fuck your words with you. For a product that has its text converted into English, it also has an original Japanese voice acting too, very genuine. The animation was decent enough, but it was a graphic novel that was more immersive than a game. You scroll through 50 or so pages, then you make a very random option that doesn't seem to have much effect on the gameplay. You then press and make another decision through another 50 pages. Lust 2 College. I still have a schoolgirl kink, but I was sort of curious about trying out this one, really. I just clicked on a thumbnail and was taken to the game. I got a black screen with a flaccid penis flapping up and down next to it, which read "Loading." I've been waiting and waiting. Like ten minutes, I would have waited. I reasoned at last that the game was never going to be loaded, so I gave up.


On this page, you still have porn cartoons available to watch, too. Others are short, while some are a bit on the longer side: consistency often varies based on what you press, with a fat cock in her tight pussy being very up there in terms of making worth with the latest upload of D.Va (from Overwatch). I suppose you can still come here and just pinch your hog to the 3D renders and hentai videos instead if you're not really feeling like playing sports. Really, I'm surprised by just how much extra there is: I wouldn't have imagined that all this XXX manga goodness could be given away for free by a platform dedicated mainly to gaming!


All in all, Wet Pussy Games could suck for people who are really into porn games and hentai for a decent period. But if you're looking for very good, high-budget titles, you're actually going to be better off somewhere else. It seems to have a reasonably decent amount of Hentai images, videos, and cartoon porn to check out, though, if that's your thing. Rel assured that if you're a Hentai-passionate player, this will offer you a tasty mix of the two you'll enjoy no matter what!

What We Like At Wetpussygames:
+ Regular updates
+ Thousands of free games
+ Really easy to navigate
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- Adds
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