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You into JAV porn huh? Can't blame you man, those tight Asian pussies can just make your balls scream to unleash all the cum that's stored inside of you. Those tiny petite bodies, looking all innocent and weak. Eyes wide open, looking like they are about to shed a tear on your dick, but they just keep riding that cock like it's nothing. These kinds of sites personally have a special kind of place in my heart. I just can't resist those tight Asian pussies. Even Asian milfs look like they're 20 or so. Today we are reviewing a site with the content just like that! Is I know it sounds like the name of any other JAV site out there, but let me assure you that every single one of these sites differs in one way or another. That's why I'm writing this review today. So follow me as I give my judgment on Let's start with the basics and get this review going!

What is all about? Is a JAV porn site. JAV stands for Japanese Adult Videos, if you didn't know this already, and on the first impression, it looks like is new in the JAV porn business. It has little over 10, 000  videos, but all the videos are good quality overall. And it looks like all the videos were shot in the last 2 years or so, which is a plus because you get to watch some nice refreshing content!  So basically it's a newer site and the content here is hot that's for sure! Also, the majority of content is censored, and if that isn't a big turnoff for you, then you will be enjoying these videos very very much. This is a completely free tube site that is focused on Asian content, and you will find a lot of really awesome scenes where nasty Asian babes are doing all kinds of things. Of course, you can find a lot of hardcore action at Javleak too, but the majority of scenes here are censored as I mentioned already. This place looks awesome compared to the other sites with the same topic! It has a simple white background, a nice and visible navigation bar, and a standard thumbs placement! I really hate when these Asian sites use some ridiculous layout that is as bad as it looks! But, fortunately, that's not the case with the Javleak! These guys have thought about every single detail of their site and all the users can confirm that! 

Site design and features.

The site design is nice-looking and stands out from the majority of other JAV sites I came across. Its simplicity, yet its uniqueness is what makes it stand out.  It looks like the designer actually took the time to make it look good. It has a special Japanese vibe attached to it and has a line of thumbnails available for you to choose a video you like.  At the top navigation bar, you can choose your desired studio, or you can use the search bar if you are looking for more specific types of videos. The category's feature is lacking in options, you only have a couple of options to choose from,  but that doesn't have to mean it's lacking in quality as well! What overweights that is the option to choose a studio that you like! As I mentioned earlier, most of the content is censored, but it doesn't lack hotness, just put your imagination to work. To wrap it up, the site design is nice looking and easy to navigate through! 

What are the models here like?

Hot! As most of the Asian models are!  From big boobs, big butts, petite, skinny, anal, creampie queens you name it! You can watch hot amateurs, or anal goddesses taking it up their arses and moaning like little innocent sluts. What I like the most about the models here is that they are mostly centered around young beautiful girls. So that means more young pussy pounding! Yeah. You get to enjoy young Asian pussy getting pounded hard and with no mercy for hours and hours. I came across some smoking hot models here and i couldn't believe that Asian girls had boobs this big, and asses this thick. You just cant go through a site like this and try not to bust a nut. Yeah, It's pretty much impossible.

Advertisement on

Yeah, isn't lacking any advertisement that's for sure. Like you just have to go through at least 5 ads before you can click that play button and watch an actual video. So you better have an adblocker ready or you will have a hard time till you actually come to the part where you watch the actual video. Don't get me wrong, i get it, you just have to put some ads or how else are you going to cash your site? So other than these annoying ads the experience can be quite enjoyable, as long as your ad blocker is ready to send those ads to a Fuckoff Land.

Pros and Cons of

Pros: Nice looking models, nice overall site design, Big catalog of studio selection, Easy to navigate through the site, mostly HD full-length movies.

Cons: Lacking in categories feature, Lots of annoying ads before you watch an actual video. Mostly censored videos.

But the overall conclusion is that pros overweight cons.


Ahh, the JAV at its finest! Who can resist not busting a nut at the nice JAV from time to time? After surfing the site for some time now, I came across some very quality content, hot jizz worth models, full HD movies, and I can assure you you won't be disappointed with the stuff you can find here on, if you enjoy mostly censored Asian babes getting their pussy destroyed, then you should visit for sure! But take this review with a grain of salt and go check it out for yourself!

What We Like At Javleak:
+ Lots of hot Japanese babes
+ Tons of content
+ Easy to navigate
What We Don't Like At Javleak:
- No filtering option
- Night mode maybe
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