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Are you ready for something different? In every field of life, you have to change things up a bit in order to keep the game interesting. That is why people change their jobs regularly until they find the one that keeps them satisfied and happy. The same thing is with watching porn. You want a different thing every now and then just to step out of the unanimity of the things you have been watching and experiencing. There is hardly a person in this world who is jerking off to a single porn site or a single movie. We are always trying to find new and fresh porn to keep things interesting. Well, I think we have hit the bullseye with today’s porn site that we are reviewing together. Its name is OpenTGC and we can all agree that the name means squat. No one can really figure what this site is all about just by looking at its name. So, let’s take a look at it together and see if this site can freshen up your daily routine of experiencing porn.

Read Thousands Of Top-Notch Transgender Captions

Alright, most people who are invested in porn would have recognized that TG stands for trangender. So, it brings us closer to deciphering this unusual porn site. OpenTGC is actually a porn site that will bring thousands of transgender captions. Now, this is where the ambiguity begins especially if you have already visited this site or if you are scrolling through it as we speak. A caption is considered to be a short text. Well, not even a text, mostly a title of a movie or a picture. Usually, it amounts up to two or three sentences depicting the things you are about to see. However, OpenTGC is a full-fledged porn stories site with the elements of transsexual porn. So, expect a lot of texts, many pictures, and stories about transgender experiences that will leave you with a hard-on.

Of course, this is true if you are into this kind of content and if you love transgender porn in general and in all of its forms. OpenTGC didn’t exist as a present porn site forever. Previously, it was held and created by a single person who edited and published all of the content on it. When that person stepped out of the game, some people willing to continue her legacy continued her work and there became the site that we know and love today. The site involves shorter and longer stories that all speak about the transgender experiences, both fictional and in the reality porn genre. Also, a vast majority of these texts, almost all of them, feature a HD picture (one or more of them) that go together and follow the narrative of the stories. All in all, you will enjoy them and experience something new in the process.

The Site Is Easy To Go Around

Of course, in order to enjoy any porn genre to the end, the website that you are visiting has to be top-notch. OpenTGC is a fairly edited and created site that will make your stay comfortable and user-friendly. This site is following one formula that is great for anyone who loves reading porn stories - its background is pitch-black. This is excellent for everyone because, let’s face it, most people watch and read porn on their mobile devices before bed at night. It becomes really painful for your eyes if you strain them to read black letters on a white background. I’d rather go to sleep than do that. However, OpenTGC brings white letters on a black background and it is so smooth to use.

On the website itself, you have three options - Reader, Create, and Discord. The Reader is the real deal. It is the place where all the stories and captions are located. The page is composed as a blog page with posts one below the other. This means that you don’t really have a choice. You have to go from one page to the next and in the process read the stories that capture your attention. Some of them are only a couple of lines long while others stretch across the whole page. On many of these stories, there were pictures of animated or real characters. What is interesting enough, we all know that the texts are about transgender experience. However, the pictures that followed the stories were mostly of busty women, cosplay girls, vaginas, and cocks. I haven’t seen real shemales yet, but I am sure they are there somewhere.

Become A Writer And Publish On OpenTGC

What I failed to mention so far is that all of the content on OpenTGC is for free. You don’t have to spend any money on reading and enjoying these short stories. I also didn’t encounter any ads on this site which is a humongous plus! They have somehow found a way to bring bread to the table without throwing thousands of ads in our faces. There is, however, a register option on this site. It serves multiple purposes. For example, you will be able to see some pictures that the unregistered visitors cannot. 

Also, the most important thing, you can publish your own story if you have talent for writing. If you love this genre or you have had a transgender experience, transform it in words and you will see your personal story on OpenTGC. This adds another type of danger on this site. Because anyone can publish their stories, there is a chance that not all of them are going to be coherent and fun because, let’s face it, not all of us are writers.


OpenTGC is a one-of-a-kind porn site that offers something clearly different from anything that you have ever checked out before. Even if you are a fan of sex stories, this site will show them to you in a different way. Forget about reading long stories and sex novels, the future is in the hands of transgender captions.

What We Like At Opentgc:
+ Regular updates
+ Easy to navigate
+ Lots of transgender porn stories
What We Don't Like At Opentgc:
- Nothing
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