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The first thing you will find about the blog of Fenoxo is that in its style it is not necessarily complex or crazy: it is kept straightforward and the content is the most important thing here-not the website design. It operates exactly like any regular WordPress blog: a header full of links, a body of content and a sidebar that you may want to take a peek at for relevant material and useful items. The playfield, pornographic writing library and the main Wiki page with sub-links to directories covering all of the games provided by Fenoxo are the most relevant header links that you'll possibly want to check out. I guess I'm actually going to go ahead and play through some of them because games are put so front and centre here. 

First impressions

When you arrive at the website you will quickly see what you can expect out of all the games. Lots of weird stuff including some centurion like the guy. It would be hard for newbies to grasp much of the submissions on the front page. They address the various games and the status of the new ones. I'm sure you'll hold on to any post if you get hooked on Fenoxo's work. Every couple of days, notifications arrive.

Navigation and games

In the header, PLAY, the first link is where all the best stuff can be found. Trials in Corrupted Space (TiTS), Alder's Fall of Eden, Champions Corruption, and Champions II Corruption are all available on this "fenoxo play" list. They'll all run in a browser, or you can get a TiTS or CoC iOS or Android version. For CoC they have said " CoC2 features numerous odd and unusual fetishes, like though not limited to: sexually invasive tentacles, overly-loving beast children, uncontrollable mating desires, fuzzy futa femdom, and horny devil sex-wizards. You were warned ". Trials in Tainted Vacuum, or TITS for short, was the first game I put my greasy mitts on. If you would like to store it locally, you can go to the games page and download an SWF, but I've connected the above browser-based Flash version for your convenience. If you're a mad gamer on the go, Fenoxo also provides compatible versions of iOS and Android. I recommend looking at the choices before playing TITS-you would be able to play at various difficulty levels, select art types, and fiddle with font sizes. In terms of customization, few adult games on the market today offer so much freedom, particularly those that are online.

More about games

Doing the first go with one of his games, this could be where boredom starts to set in. The game is, like the blog where we find it, all text. Actually, in terms of photos, if you felt the blog looked skimpy, the game is downright bleak. In this game, there is sex. In reality, every feature seems to radiate every kind of kinky fuckery. It's only meant for an audience that is able to create an intricate vision in their head while basting the ham. I finally began CoC II in Hawkethorne village after going through a few more options: the weather was bad, but an adventure quickly developed when a damsel in distress by the name of Cait needed to tend to. I don't want to go too far here about the story, but the game has a cool old-time feel to it, like a Skyrim text-based version or something. Eventually, you can engage in battle with numerous foes, such as cultists and the like. The fight is not overly complex, but often, from what I hear, it needs a bit of strategy. I played CoC for about half an hour. It was fun and I could see myself wasting hours if I didn't have to write this article! I really like that you get coins, weapons and experience after fights, both of which act in a similar way to how they do in other games. I guess CoC is definitely my favourite of the two games I've played, but yeah: both of them are fantastic.

More on the website

The Fenoxo games are darker than you can expect from the Literotica immersive games. The fighting and skill structures are well-developed, and even with the plots, there's plenty of space to take multiple routes. Having said that, they are a definite investment in time. Even if that means reading long segments with a soft penis, they can cater to the RPG fan who needs to get lost in the world for hours at a time. There are a few hundred stories and novellas in the Story section of Fenoxo (often misspelled as 'fenexo'). In a Fenoxo game, such as squirrel girls and psychic minotaurs, lactating and feminization, these dirty little yarns will trip your trigger if you're into the sort of stuff you'll see. As they are non-interactive, if you're in a rush, you can skip straight down to the sex bits. It's not shocking that the group here is active as hell, considering how excited Fenoxo's fanbase is about the content. There's a jumping forum, as well as a party at Discord. If you want to chat about dick-boob centaurs with someone, there's actually a lot of people out there right now. More than 2,000 participants are online as I write this.

My conclusion

There are stories and games on Fenoxo's site that will cater to such a very small demographic, but that audience will eat this shit up. If you're looking for a rich, immersive reading experience with fantasy settings and the weirdest sex you might ever imagine, I can't think of somewhere else to go. These games are geek porn next-level.

What We Like At Fenoxo-TiTs:
+ Free dirty games
+ Free downloads
+ Site design
What We Don't Like At Fenoxo-TiTs:
- Confusing for new users
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